Case Study: The Juilliard School


The Juilliard School, located in New York, is a world leader in performing arts education. Students from around the world attend to study dance, drama or music.

Of the three, the music division is the largest, with nearly 600 students each semester. The renowned school fosters the best of the best, so it is expected that students rehearse between classes to perfect their art. Practice rooms are available on campus. However, until two years ago, there wasn’t a registration system in place. With 85 rooms and several hundred students, this posed a problem.


Without a way to reserve the practice rooms, students would often roam the halls looking for an empty space to work. Some students would leave their belongings in the rooms to hold the spaces until they needed them, meaning several rooms were being unused throughout the day.

“There was no reservation system in place, not even a paper system,” said Adam Gagan, director of public safety at Juilliard. “So we discussed the idea of developing a real-time reservation system where students could walk up to a kiosk, scan an ID badge and reserve the room.”

It was evident that an efficient process was needed to optimize practice room utilization, discouraging students from holding rooms or squatting. The school didn’t want musicians to be able to reserve the rooms ahead of time because students might book it and not show up. Gagan recognized that the best way to tackle their challenge was to implement a real-time solution.

“Our room utilization is around 90 percent when before it was probably closer to 70 percent.”

- Osman Kabir, programmer analyst at Juilliard

To make this happen, the school would need electronic locks and software provider. After talking though the parameters, the New York Allegion sales team recommended CBORD®, an Allegion software alliance and one of the leading providers of integrated technology solutions for higher education. The sales team recalled that CBORD had configured a similar reservation system for healthcare facilities that would meet the needs of the art school.


Juilliard implemented CBORD’s CS Gold® system using Schlage® AD-400 wireless locks on its 85 practice rooms. Juilliard was the first to use the CBORD’s Room Reservation module, which was developed to meet the school’s specific needs. The system’s hub is a kiosk where students reserve a practice room in real-time with the same student ID card they use across campus. After presenting an ID, a student is able to see available practice rooms, including a photo and description of the equipment provided in the room.

After the room is reserved, the system communicates with the AD-400 lock at the selected room. The student has five minutes to get to the door, where the lock will only recognize his or her student ID card to grant access. Once inside the room, the occupant must push the privacy button on the lock to confirm the space is occupied. If the musician opens the door to take a break, he or she will have 15 minutes to return and push the privacy button again. Otherwise, the room becomes available to reserve and the previous occupant’s ID will no longer unlock the door.

“Juilliard presented a unique challenge in designing a room reservation system as their policy is to allow unlimited use of a practice room,” explained Eric Laine, content and communications manager at CBORD. “There’s a start time but no fixed end time.”

According to Laine, the alliance with Allegion was key in supporting the solution for Juilliard as the privacy button on the AD-400 wireless locks helped overcome the unrestricted time restraint. This feature ensures somebody is in the room at all times — and alerts the CS Gold software when that person unlatches the lock to leave the room. It prevents students from squatting to ensure optimal utilization of the practice spaces.

The modular design of the AD-400 lock allows it to be customized to fit varying application needs. It integrates with a number of industry-leading software providers, like CBORD, to deliver enhanced access control. In addition to practice rooms, these locks are commonly found across university campuses. Removing the need to run wires, Schlage’s wireless solutions, including AD-400 locks, simplify installation so that facilities can upgrade more doors in less time.


With the wireless locks and CBORD’s system in place, the school and students have benefitted from the efficiencies. The Juilliard School reports that students love the new reservation tool, which provides them the opportunities to rehearse seven days a week without the worry of finding a room. Less students are roaming the halls looking for open spaces, and the privacy button eliminates their ability to hold a room when they are not physically there.

“Our room utilization is around 90 percent when before it was probably closer to 70 percent,” said Osman Kabir, programmer analyst at Juilliard.

In addition, the solution allows the school to collect additional information, like when the rooms are most occupied during the week and who was in a specific room at a specific time. Overall, The Juilliard School is satisfied with the AD-400 locks using CS Gold. In fact, they plan to implement a similar system in a residence hall equipped with 20 practice rooms.