Overtur feature and functionality enhancements

Allegion’s Overtur™ turned one year old this month. Over the past year, Allegion™ hosted numerous Ascent usability and development conferences across the United States and internationally, gathering valuable feedback while continuing to enhance Overtur to better fulfill the needs of architects and design team members. Improvements were made to many areas of the cloud-based collaboration platform, including the view plans app, track changes app as well as the project dashboard.

The view plans app, which allows all project team members to collaborate around hardware discussions, requirements, design intent and other key aspects of the project, including the history of each discussion and collaboration, has seen major improvements in the past year. Within the view plans app, teams now review the project floor plan, hardware sets and product data all in one place. The data is filtered and organized to fit the user’s needs at each point throughout the process. This includes sorting by door number, opening type, fire rating or electrified hardware. The door schedule and plans are sent through our Revit plug-in or simply uploaded as Excel and PDF files.

Enhancements have also been made to the notes area. Users can now view, add and assign notes and questions to collaborators on a team. Functionality to upload photos and voice memos have also been added.

Other updates to Overtur outside of the view plans app include:

  • Track changes app now features more robust revision tracking and shows more fields and parameters for enhanced ability to track changes.
  • Project dashboard now features key, up-to-date information about a project from the very beginning, as a snapshot. This includes project information, collaborators, notes and activity.
  • Door history function now features an updated interface and captures the discussions, changes and decisions around individual door data.
  • Added symbols that capture door opening information to easily communicate important opening requirements