Celebrating 10 years of codes, the popular door hardware and code-specific blog by expert Lori Greene, celebrate its 10th anniversary, a go-to website for answers to door hardware and code questions, celebrates its 10th anniversary. To celebrate with her readers, the site’s founder and code expert Lori Greene shared the top 10 articles from the last decade and unveiled a new site design. She also has contests planned throughout August.

“I started the site on a whim and faced some initial skepticism about whether it would be a worthwhile use of my time. We had no idea that the site would still be going strong after 10 years or that so many people would visit each day. I’m really proud to have built something with such longevity that I hope will continue to be a resource for years to come.” is a door hardware, code-specific blog, where Greene shares her expertise and answers questions across various code-related topics. The site was created in 2009, debuting under its original name, ihatehardware. com. According to Greene, many of the architects and specifiers she worked with at the time gladly handed their hardware-related duties off to her because they hated to deal with all of the complexities of door openings and the potential costs involved with fixing mistakes. She created the site to help them find answers to their code questions.

It didn’t take long for others to notice the site, including distributors, security integrators, fire marshals and many more. It now reaches a loyal nationwide audience—and even global readers. Since its creation, has generated nearly 4.5 million page views for its 2,275 published posts.

“Idighardware is a compilation of everything I have ever learned about codes related to door openings,” said Greene. “I call the site my fourth child because it has taken almost as much care and feeding as my other three kids. I even take it on vacation—continuing to keep posts updated, responding to comments and always looking for new content while I’m traveling. I know there are real people who need help and I want to make sure they can get their questions answered.”

What’s surprised Greene the most is the community that has formed around iDigHardware. In the last year alone, she’s received more than 2,000 comments.

“I love to see readers engaged with the site, becoming part of the community and helping each other. When I post questions or ask for advice from the readers, I’m amazed by how many will publicly share their insights.”

Today, Greene posts every weekday, sharing technical code information or relevant news. She also keeps readers amused with outrageous code violations on Wordless Wednesdays and creative modifications that often lead to code violations on Fixed-it Fridays. She offers online trainings and special sections for readers to easily find information on important topics, like K-12 school security and barricade devices. One of the most valuable pieces of content is the Code Reference Guide, which includes information from the most recent model codes and standards.

“I guess I don’t really think of it as a job,” she said. “To me, the readers of idighardware are real people who need help interpreting the codes, and there are not many places for them to get that kind of assistance. I also participate in code development, which allows me to address areas in the model codes and standards that are not clear and may be misinterpreted. I see that work as an investment—if the codes are easier to understand, there will be fewer problems in the field. And of course, all of this contributes to greater safety to building occupants. Idighardware gives me a platform to share information that may save lives. That’s what drives me.”

Greene has worked in the door hardware industry since 1986, focusing largely on support and education around code requirements surrounding the doorway. She is responsible for maintaining an expansive knowledge of codes and regulations affecting the security industry, as well as working to develop the model codes used internationally and across the United States. She has been featured numerous times in Door Security & Safety (formerly Doors & Hardware), Construction Specifier, Locksmith Ledger, Life Safety Digest and other publications for her valuable insights.

Celebrate’s milestone with Greene. Throughout the rest of August, Greene is celebrating the anniversary with contests and giveaways. Participants who engage with the site can be entered to win Yeti tumblers and coolers. Learn more. And read the top 10 articles on the site. Let her know which one is your favorite in the comments.