Allegion’s here to provide tools, trainings, real-world examples and information to assist with the planning and implementation of electronic security systems in commercial buildings and institutions.


Overtur can simplify the process of managing access control hardware on your next project.

Allegion’s Overtur™ is a collaboration platform for the design, implementation and coordination of door hardware. It is a cloud-based suite of tools that streamlines the process of coordinating door hardware, including access control, between Divisions 8 and 28.  Overtur serves as a central hub of access control hardware information that allows team members to collaborate on a project in a single platform.

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Allegion Software Alliances

Allegion works with a large list of leading software providers to ensure the end user has the broadest set of features and capabilities available.

Overtur Estimate and Order 

Overtur Estimate and Order tool helps you speed up the creation of a lengthy product configuration and automatically serve up the part number and list price. Access the Overtur Estimate and Order tool within the 360 portal.


Allegion’s training videos, courses and other resources have been tailor-made for door, hardware and access control professionals.

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Allegion offers comprehensive solutions for the whole design team. Please search our document library to locate CAD Drawings, and product specifications.