Allegion U.S. Unveils New Site Survey Tool for Overtur Mobile™, Simplifies How Professionals Gather Onsite Information

Design projects made more efficient and flexible with latest enhancement to collaboration tool


CARMEL, Ind., May 12, 2020) – Today, Allegion U.S., a leading provider of security products and solutions, announced the release of the Site Survey module for Overtur Mobile™. Expanding on Overtur Mobile’s existing suite of tools, Site Survey joins the Punch List and Installation Status modules, simplifying the design, construction and management of doors and openings.

Site Survey elevates the door opening information gathering process by encompassing support capabilities at the beginning and throughout the life cycle of a project. Professionals can now simply go to a building site with a mobile device and capture needed information for the design and construction of door openings, including hardware products, photos and notes of the existing conditions, as well as opening dimensions. Utilizing the gathered information, a project team can seamlessly continue with design and construction, and ultimately facility management.

“The functionality we're building into Overtur™ with tools such as Site Survey exemplify another simple way you can improve time and efficiency without disrupting your current workflow,” said Rachael York, peripheral application lead, Overtur. “With Site Survey, you not only make the process easier for your team, you also make it easier for your clients to communicate their needs.”

Site Survey provides the user with enhanced tools to:

  • Create multiple surveys: Users can quickly go from site to site and create multiple surveys from their mobile device, increasing productivity.
  • Create new openings: Customers do not need to be in front of a computer to start a project, and can seamlessly begin from a mobile device, creating openings, with or without plans.
  • Take photos and voice memos associated with an opening: Visuals can be easily captured and documented for utilization in design and construction, and ultimately throughout the life cycle of the project or building.
  • Create formatted reports: Once site survey data is synchronized, formatted reports can be generated with door opening information, including consolidated notes and photos.

"The Site Survey function is an absolute must to simplify the gathering of onsite information by streamlining it all in one platform, eliminating the need for paper and information reprocessing,” said Ashley Ott, Industry Leader, CDT, CSI, DHT. “The tool allows the user to manipulate the collected information and extract the data into several different report formats that can be shared with the collective construction team, for effective onsite coordination."

Vice President of Wesche Hardware Jacob McConnell, an Overtur Mobile user, added, “I’m thrilled to have Site Survey so that I no longer have to wait to be back in the office to update my changes stemming from a site visit, which was a tedious process. Time that was spent interpreting my notes, transferring pictures and confirming everything back with the contractor and architect can now be done onsite, in real-time. Additionally, with everyone present for immediate approval and sign off, it’s increasing my confidence in changes made and improving overall efficiency.”

Allegion’s Overtur™ is a digital environment where project team members come together to collaborate on the specification, design and construction of door security and openings. It provides a centralized place to capture, maintain and verify door hardware requirements and decisions. Learn more at

Overtur Mobile is now available in the Apple and Google Play Stores, and can be accessed via phones or tablets using either an iOS or Android operating system.


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