Find valuable information and tools to assist and guide you in this section. 

Explore the Document Library to quickly find catalogs, data sheets, templates, and more. The interactive installation instructions leverage multi-media to enhance your installation experience on select products. Lean in to learning resources like Allegion's top rated training programs and resources, or educational and industry thought leadership content meant to meet you where you are. Discover what it's like to collaborate with us and access key tools. Learn more about sustainable building design and the construction process as well as access key documentation for your next project. Register specific software products. Security and privacy are at the core of what we do and what we think about every day, learn more about our cybersecurity program.

We continually add to these tools so be sure to check often to discover more. Whatever you're seeking, we're here to support you every step of the way.


Resource Library

Smiling man using a laptop in a relaxed home setting with a backdrop featuring Allegion's family of brands, including Schlage and Von Duprin, displayed on a clear interface for easy brand navigation.

Search the document library for brochures, catalogs, templates, and other helpful resources as well as discover interactive installation instructions from select Allegion commercial brands.


A diverse group of attentive professionals wearing conference badges, sitting in a seminar room, listening to a presentation.

Whether it’s in-person classes, videos, virtual classes and webinars, or online learning, we are here to help.


A woman in a polka-dot shirt actively engages with her colleagues in a bright, modern office space, showing interactive learning and professional development for Allegion's education pages.

Dig in to valuble educational resources with Allegion's 101 video series or iDigHardware code support.

Working with Allegion

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For easy reference, and to make the most out of working together, learn more about doing business with Allegion.


Close up image of water flowing through a creek symbolizing sustainability and nature.

Learn more about sustainable building design and construction process as well as access key documentation for your next project.


Promotional image featuring the logo for 'OVERTUR™' with a stylized orange hexagon. In the background, a focused woman is working at a standing desk in an office environment.

Rethink how you manage door and opening coordination. Learn more on how Overtur ™ can benefit your project. 

Software Registration

A professional woman standing by glass windows in a modern office environment, looking thoughtfully outside while holding a tablet.

Register your Schlage Express offline access control software or HandNet for Windows or learn more about Allegion's access control software solutions.


A conceptual image of a cityscape, overlaid with glowing digital nodes and connecting lines, representing a secure, interconnected network indicative of cybersecurity infrastructure.

To protect the devices, products and systems that protect people and assets wherever they reside, work and thrive, we take a broad and deep approach to ensuring safety and security.