We believe well-informed customers are essential to keeping buildings safe and functional for the people who work, visit, or live in them. We also recognize architectural hardware and access control can be confusing and even complicated, especially when one has so many other responsibilities and challenges on any given day. That’s why providing learning opportunities for our customers has been a longstanding part of our commitment to serve. Whether it’s in-person classes, videos, virtual classes and webinars, or online learning, we are here to help. 

Our Training Mission

Allegion can help expand the knowledge and skills of those responsible for the selection, installation, maintenance, adherence to building codes, or for just about any job that involves doors.  

Our mission is to help our customers: 
  • Decrease problems and issues that can occur with openings
  • Increase the productivity of the individuals involved so they can spend more time on their organizations’ priorities
  • Improve the safety of facilities by ensuring the access control, doors, and hardware are doing their part
  • Extend the life of openings
  • Increase the security for facilities, their occupants, their visitors, and their stakeholders

In-Person Classes

Locksmiths and security integrators participating in Allegion training course on door hardware

Check out the list of available classes and register at no charge.

Virtual Event Calendar

Architect taking virtual class on door hardware systems

View the calendar for a variety of upcoming virtual events and seminars. 

How-to and Educational Videos

Educational videos on introduction to door hardware and guided installation

From introduction to door hardware to guided installation of our most popular brands to electronic lock set-up and programming, our training team offers videos to meet you where you are. 

AIA Continuing Education

Architect taking an AIA-registered continuing education course on access control solutions

Earn continuing education hours from a wide assortment of AIA-approved courses.

Learning Center

Allegion online learning center for continuing education classes on door hardware

Track your progress with online learning.


Did you know?

Our in-person classes average a net promoter score of 73%, meaning most attendees would highly recommend the class to their colleagues. 

Based on benchmark data from an independient evaluation system, the average net promoter score across multiple workplace training programs, across multiple industries is 46%.

Meet the Team

Allan DeYong

Name: Allan DeYong

Job Title: Learning Designer


Allan joined Allegion in late 2022, bringing his broad background in creating and delivering training solutions. He will be tasked with designing learning tools and resources for parts of our electronic and software portfolio. He notes that he has respected Allegion products (mainly Schlage and Kryptonite) for years before he joined Allegion and finds locks and access control interesting. He loves that “aha” moment when a student grasps something new. 

Allan has a M.A. in Higher Education Administration and a B.S. in Corporate Communication from Southeast Missouri State University. He also has an Associate in Arts degree in Media Arts & Entertainment Technology from Mott Community College. Also, Allan has the following certifications: CPR/First Aid (American Red Cross), SKYWARN®Elite Storm Spotter (National Weather Service), and Apple Teacher (Apple). 

His hometown is Spirit Lake, Iowa. Allan currently lives in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, with his black Labrador Retriever named “Brooklyn.” His hobbies include fixing and using vintage computers, flying drones, and cars. Also, he volunteers at a local thrift store whose proceeds support a no-kill animal shelter. 

Antoinette Valdez

Name: Antoinette Valdez

Job Title: Continuing Education Manager


Antoinette has a dual role: she leads the Allegion AIA (American Institute of Architect) continuing education program and she manages the Allegion Learning Center.  The latter is an online learning system available to all customers offering a variety on online learning resources.  With more than twenty-five years with our Allegion family, she has worked in various roles, including production, training support, and continuing education.  Antoinette enjoys helping both external customers and internal colleagues solve problems and find what they need. She also likes the structure of her work and how her work gives her the opportunity to be creative. 

Antoinette resides in Colorado after having lived in several states and Germany as an Air Force brat.  She enjoys the outdoors and is an enthusiastic reader of the mystery, science fiction, and horror genres.  She is a big movie fan, too.  

David D’Anthony

Name: David D’Anthony

Job Title: Product Training Manager, Multi-Family Solutions


Dave serves multi-family properties that utilize our Schlage electronic lock solutions.  Whether training the property management teams or the dealers and integrators who install and service the products, he enjoys meeting and interacting with customers of all types.  Through his training and support, Dave strives to provide these individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to keep their doors operating properly and their residences and residents safe.  

Outside of work, Dave is an avid walker, a dog’s best friend, a fan of Bruce Springsteen, and a fan of true-crime stories.  He especially treasures the time he spends with his wife and daughters.  He takes pride in his twenty-eight plus year friendship with two of his Schlage co-workers.  Oh, Dave also notes he MUST live within thirty minutes of an ocean.

Dennis McClanahan

Name: Dennis McClanahan

Job Title: Product Training Manager, Schlage Locks & Key Systems


Dennis is dedicated to training Allegion customers on our Schlage commercial lock (mechanical and electro-mechanical locks) and key systems.  He shares with each class his expertise—he is a Certified Registered Locksmith (CRC) by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), he’s worked in the security/door hardware business for over forty years, and he has an Associate Degree in Business.  He was also a practicing commercial and industrial locksmith for seventeen years and here’s a fun fact—he worked at Disney World for five years.  In his classes, his goal is “to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere where students feel free to stop me to ask questions.”  He also notes he ‘loves teaching and especially for Allegion, one of the most hassle-free jobs he’s ever had.’

When Dennis is not travelling around North America to train others, he lives with his wife of thirty-two years and his dog ‘Oreo’ in a small town outside of Atlanta called Temple, Georgia.  He has four children and two grandchildren.  Among his many talents include playing guitar and scuba diving, as he has been a Certified Scuba Diver for forty-five years.

Janice Wheeler

Name: Janice Wheeler

Job Title: Instructional Designer


As an instructional designer, Janice develops customer training materials in a variety of formats, e.g., in-person classes, webinars, online courses, videos, etc.  As she describes her work, she likes “finding ways to best transfer product knowledge to learners so they enjoy it and it sticks.”  Janice began her career in architectural hardware at Von Duprin while she was a college student, eventually taking time off to raise and home-educate her children. In total she has been with our Allegion brands for over fourteen years in Marketing, Product Support, and now Instructional Design roles.  Janice likes Allegion because “the mission of keeping people safe and secure is a noble and important one.  Not all companies can say that.”

A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, and a graduate of Indiana University with a B.S. in Business Analysis, Janice now has five grown children who are also in the Indianapolis area.  She enjoys exercise, fitness, and serving/volunteering at church.

Jeff Tock

Name: Jeff Tock

Job Title: Product Training Manager for LCN, Von Duprin, and Fire Life Safety


Jeff serves as an instructor for LCN, Von Duprin, and the Preparing for Fire Door Inspection classes.   With more than forty-three years in the door & hardware industry and as an Architectural Hardware Consultant (the AHC certification from the Door Hardware Institute), Jeff uses his wealth of experience to help others.  During his thirty-eight plus years with the Allegion family of brands, Jeff has been a salesperson, a specification writer, a software trainer, and now a product trainer.  As he describes, “I love what I do because the knowledge I share can save lives.”

Prior to his career in architectural hardware, Jeff spent three years in the U.S. Army, playing in the band.  Since he joined Allegion, he has lived in Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, and now he resides in Ashland, Ohio.  As a member of the American Legion, he is the historian for his post.  In his free time, he likes to ride his bicycle and ride around in his convertible.

Joe Holman

Name: Joe Holman

Job Title: Sales Trainer


Joe supports our Allegion sales consultants by instructing and guiding them on ways to refine their business skills so they can better serve their customers. He takes great care in helping people grow in their careers and in helping them elevate their successes.

Prior to joining Allegion in 2022, Joe worked for forty years for Fortune 500 companies, about half in consumer-packaged goods and the other half in healthcare.  As a former account manager and consultant, he brings with him experience in selling business-growth solutions and strategies.  Because Joe has worked on both sides of the sales table—buying and selling—he draws from those experiences in this teaching and coaching role. He notes the years he spent as a buyer means he has listened and learned from many sales pitches.  Additionally, Joe has held several positions in the innovation/creating thinking space. 

Originally from South Haven, Michigan, and a graduate of Michigan State University, he describes himself as OCD, i.e., Obsessed with Customer Delight.  Joe strives to spread that obsession throughout our organization.    

John Dalrymple

Name: Leon Starks

Job Title: Product Training Manager, Hollow Metal


Leon trains customers and colleagues across the country on our Steelcraft and Republic hollow metal portfolio.  He brings to each class over forty years’ experience in hollow metal, the first six of those years as a project manager for a contract hardware distributor and the rest with the Allegion family.  Leon defines a successful class as “everyone left with something they can use and that it was an enjoyable learning experience.”     

His desire to share his expertise includes two published articles in the Door Hardware Institute’s monthly magazine.  Along with the technical training, Leon has also taught professional development courses and received a trainer certification from the global leadership consulting firm, DDI.  He loves to engage with people where there is an opportunity to increase learning on a wide range of topics and challenges. 

Leon is originally from Evansville, Indiana.  He now makes his home in Cincinnati, Ohio where he is a competitive tennis player.

Lisa Wright

Name: Lisa Wright

Job Title: Product Training Manager for LCN, Von Duprin, and Fire Life Safety


Lisa is an instructor for our LCN, Von Duprin, and the Preparing for Fire Door Inspection classes.  Prior to joining our training team in 2022, she spent fifteen years as a Project Manager in commercial doors and hardware.  She notes as a Project Manager, she preferred Allegion and that’s why she applied to work here.  Now as an Allegion trainer, Lisa’s goal is for learners to come out of her classes inspired.   

Lisa has her Door Hardware Technician (DHT) certification from the Door & Hardware Institute.  She is currently working towards a Master of Science degree in Adult Education.  Prior to joining Allegion, she was a trained birth doula, offering birth support for low-income birthers. 

Lisa values travelling and seeing new places.  When not on the road, she lives in Warwick, New York, and her home includes a dog named Fargo.

Liz Sheppard

Name: Liz Sheppard

Job Title: Customer Training Specialist


As part of our Field Training team, Liz works closely with our Product Trainers and our Sales teams.  She does many of the behind-the-scenes tasks required to make our many field classes possible.  She also serves as host for our LCN, Von Duprin, and Steelcraft factory class events.  Prior to this role, Liz spent more than twenty years with the Allegion family in hollow metal.  Now with more than twenty-five years with the company and a master’s degree in management, Liz brings her many talents to serving customers and colleagues.  When asked what she likes best about working for Allegion, she replied, “my co-workers.”  

Cincinnati, Ohio, is both her hometown and where she resides today.  When not in Cincinnati, she might be off somewhere snow skiing or kayaking.  Liz is the mom of two daughters.  She also has two poodles—Leo & Archie.

Michelle Madl

Name: Michelle Madl

Job Title: Instructional Design Manager


Michelle leads our Instructional Design group and serves as an Instructional Designer for our Sales training programs as well as some of our technical training programs.  She brought to Allegion a unique combination of architectural design and educational design experience, including working as a designer for architects in the educational, public building, and retail arenas, as an instructional designer for K-12 curriculum, and as a classroom educator for K-12.  In addition, she has a master’s degree in human resource management where she focused on employee development.  Her undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architectural Design. 

In her work here, Michelle enjoys “finding interesting ways to share information with learners to make it stick.”  As someone who loves to learn something new, she describes herself as’ the person who reads the info cards at the museum, much to the annoyance of her family.’ 

Michelle lives in the Indianapolis area and is mother to three daughters.  She enjoys reading, cooking, and learning any new art medium.

Peter Wilson

Name: Peter Wilson

Job Title: Field Training Manager


Peter directs our field training group, i.e., the product trainers and customer training specialist.  He also assists in the instructional design of many of our electronics training materials.  Since joining the Allegion family over nineteen years ago, he has served in engineering, management, and training roles.  He likes ‘finding new ways to create content to help adults succeed at their jobs’ and it shows in the videos, animations, and field classes he designs.  He also administers our commercial brands’ YouTube channels of more than 120 videos.    

In addition, Peter is passionate about our company history and produced the documentaries “The History behind Von Duprin” and “The History behind Schlage.”  His expertise/interests include door hardware, electronic security, digital media, art history, ornithology, photography, tea, and tabletop games.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Art History and a master’s in Educational Technology.   

Peter grew up on a farm in New York state.  He now lives in Carmel, Indiana, with his wife and their dog.    

Anthony Berticelli

Name: Anthony Berticelli

Job Title: Training Director


Anthony leads the national training team, driving strategy and helping people to develop and reach their chosen goals. He notes leading, strategy, and people development are all integral to training and are all reasons why he loves the training arena!

Anthony joined the Allegion family in 2023 after spending over 20 years in the security industry with experience in distribution, integration, manufacturing, and as an end user for a Fortune 40 corporation. As the team’s Director, he wants to be sure Allegion is consistently known and recognized as the gold standard for training in the security industry.

Originally from Maine and now residing near Portland, ME, he is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a double major in Economics and Computer Applications. He also has a Master’s in Criminal Justice from Florida International University. 

Anthony Berticelli

Name: Marius Elisei

Job Title: Senior Training Manager


Marius joined Allegion in 2013, bringing in a broad experience in training and marketing. With a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Marius has a background in electronics, computers, networks, and wireless communication. He currently leads the Canadian training and enablement program and teaches various subjects, ranging from Introduction to Hardware classes to advanced Schlage electronic portfolio subjects.

Marius finds fulfillment in helping both external customers and internal colleagues understand new products, develop skills to solve hardware problems, and learn troubleshooting skills by constantly asking the question "why".

Marius resides in the Greater Toronto Area and works out of the Allegion Toronto office. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time in nature, skiing, and mountain biking with his family and two teenagers.