Innovative visual indication solutions from Allegion deliver a clear vision of confidence. Safeguard building occupants and their peace of mind with our proven, high-performance products that provide security in plain sight. Experience security you see, from brands you trust.

Schlage Indication

To Know It's Locked™ when moments count or to have the simple assurance that the door is secure can go a long way in contributing to peace of mind for people in settings such as education, health care, retail, commercial and even for specific code compliance situations.

  • Largest Windows
  • Patented 180° Visibility
  • Dual-Sided Mortise & Deadbolt Options
  • Large Red & White Messaging for Color Blindness
  • Multiple Classroom Functions
  • Grade 1 Quality, Reliability & Durability
  • Retrofit Options for Compatible Functions
Von Duprin Indication

Von Duprin status and directional indication puts building occupants in control. These innovative solutions allow users to remain on the secure side of the door to determine or intuitively change the status of the device. And they maintain free egress even during lockdowns.

  • Determine/Change the Status from the Interior/Secure Side
  • Maintain Free Egress While Securing the Door for Lockdown
  • ANSI BHMA Grade 1 & UL 10C Fire Rated
  • Grade 1 Quality, Reliability & Durability
  • Modular Conversion Kits for Upgrading Existing Devices

Featured Videos

Schlage Classroom Security Visual Indication Trims

Watch to learn more about Schlage’s commitment to helping ensure safer classrooms through our innovative visual indication solutions. 

Schlage Visual Indication Trims for Security and Privacy

See how the new Schlage visual indication trims provide security and privacy for a wide variety of applications. 

How to Use the Von Duprin Dogging Security Indicator

Learn how to use the Von Duprin Cylinder or Hex Key Dogging Security Indicator for dogging (unlock) and undogging (lock). 

How the Von Duprin Emergency Secure Lockdown Works

See how the Von Duprin ESL (Emergency Secure Lockdown) works.

People talking around a conference table in an office
Allegion Security Consultants

Protecting building occupants and their peace of mind has never been more important. Allegion security consultants can answer questions and recommend options for specifying indication solutions to make your building safer and its occupants more confident.


Solutions by Application


The Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) recommends the use of indication trims for the classroom. Beyond the classroom, though, many spaces within a school environment can benefit from indication to enhance security. These include offices, teachers' lounges, study halls, adjoining rooms, libraries and other gathering spaces.

Educational Settings for Security & Privacy

In higher education settings, use of indication as a security measure can be widespread. But privacy applications on individual study pods, rehearsal rooms, single occupancy restrooms, and faculty offices are also valuable. In addition to standard messages, custom messaging can also be created for specialized applications.

Application Guidelines for K-12

Beyond the classroom, many spaces with a school environment can benefit from indication to enhance security or provide privacy. Click the image to enlarge.


In hospital settings applications are mostly about privacy: patient restrooms, single occupancy restrooms, lactation rooms, physician sleeping/on call rooms, and dressing rooms. Multi-stall restrooms with thicker stall doors may also benefit. And when safety is important, indication can be used on radiology or other therapy room doors as well.


Retail applications can include spaces like restaurants where patrons can see the availability of a restroom to minimize their time away from the table. Within a retail space, they can be used on dressing rooms or any room requiring temporary closures. Other applications include exterior doors such as service station restrooms or any facility with exterior entrances to private rooms.

Commercial Real Estate

Within commercial properties indication is primarily about privacy. It is useful for single occupancy restrooms and shower rooms. Where stall doors are thicker (1-3/8" minimum) it can be applied to multi-stall restrooms. Beyond that, there are uses for any meeting or focus rooms where occupancy, readily visible from outside, is desired.

Specialized Uses

Churches, factories, airports, arenas and other spaces large and small can benefit from indication use. These can include any single occupancy room requiring privacy such as a mother's lactation room or family- and assisted-use restrooms, also rooms requiring temporary closures due to cleaning or stocking.


Control access and maintain security within a facility, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter. Additionally, Von Duprin visual indicators provide real-time information to occupants and security personnel about the status of entry points, enabling swift response to any security breaches or emergencies.

Large Assembly Areas

Von Duprin visual indicators support the safety of attendees during events or emergencies by helping organizers and security personnel quickly identify locked or unlocked doors, enabling prompt responses and enhancing overall security measures.

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