Allegion provides a variety of code and compliance coordination services and code resources to ensure fire, life safety and accessibility requirements are met in the buildings we serve.  

Code Expert Network

Get local or regional code support from the ACE Network, our team of Allegion Code Experts. 

Services Offered:

We know that code compliance is an important part of your job and that fire, life safety and other building codes for openings and door hardware can be confusing and hard to keep up with.  We’re here to help.

  • iDigHardware.com is Allegion’s platform to drive code education in the industry. It provides a one-stop resource for code information.
  • We have FDAI certified fire door inspectors that provide site visits, education, and advisement on your fire doors and upcoming inspections.
  • Our architectural consultants create code compliant specifications and will review existing specifications to ensure compliance.
  • Our security consultants provide facility assessments and provide guidance on code compliant solutions for a variety of building types.

Featured Videos

Intro to Door Hardware: Intro to Codes

This video provides an overview of the codes, who develops and oversees codes, and other information on fire and life safety codes.

Decoded: Accessibility Requirements for Door Openings

This video reviews the ADA accessibility requirements for door openings.

Anatomy of a Fire Door

Learn about the requirements for fire door assemblies and how these assemblies help to deter the spread of smoke and flames.

Intro to Door Hardware: Handing

Demystify handing and learn how to determine the hand of a door opening.

Featured Blogs

Decoded: Communicating Doors Between Sleeping Rooms

iDigHardware Blog on communicating doors between hotel rooms

Read about the current code requirements with regard to communicating doors between hotel sleeping rooms on iDigHardware.

It’s All About Transparency: How Fire-rated Doors and Frames Contribute to Sustainable Buildings

iDigHardware blog by Tim Weller of Allegion, explains sustainability design for access control

LEED, the Living Building Challenge, Declare Labels, the 2030 Challenge, Health and Happiness and Beauty Petals…this article explains sustainability design and how it applies to the doors and hardware industry.

Security versus Accessibility

iDigHardware blog discussing accessibility, egress, fire protection and security

When evaluating security, it’s important to remember that there are adopted codes and standards that must be followed.  With proper planning, doors can meet the requirements for accessibility, egress, fire protection – AND security (convenience too!).

BHMA: IBC Changes 2012 to 2024

iDigHardware Blog on BHMA analysis of changes that affect doors, frames, and hardware

John Woestman of BHMA analyzes code changes that affect doors, frames, and hardware from one edition of the IBC to the next.