The technology of the security landscape is constantly changing, and today’s security consultants play a more vital role than ever before. At Allegion, collaboration is at the heart of our work. Our commitment to you is to be a resource for you to turn to when you need assistance on a project. Allegion offers a variety of tools and resources including product specifications, electrified hardware drawings and access to our cloud-based software tool Overtur to ensure projects are well planned and followed through.


Security Consultant Services

Security needs evolve and consultants are at the forefront to design unique and cutting edge solutions. Allegion offers a wide variety of products from its premier brands such as Schlage and Von Duprin to meet the ever changing security landscape. We strive to make working with Allegion as easy as possible.

Access to the proper tools and resources, as well as expert consultants, can streamline the specification process. Security must be scalable, suitable and based firmly on layered physical security foundations. Allegion offers numerous services including architectural consulting, AIA-approved training, code consulting and more, as well as our cloud-based collaboration software tool, Overtur™, to help project stakeholders manage the right door hardware solution for every type of project.

Interoperable Solutions Designed for Your Client

Well-coordinated access control solutions don’t just happen. They are the result of a well-planned and executed design and installation. Our reputation for quality mechanical hardware is well documented. However, that reputation applies to electronic access control products, as well. We offer flexible solution choices creating open, interoperable environments for the end user. We offer multiple technologies allowing you to select the most appropriate solution for your client's needs. Allegion solutions are built with an open architecture and support a wide range of third-party integrations.

  • Operational descriptions. We can provide descriptions of how each door will operate based on the set of products specified for the opening.
  • Documentation. We can provide elevations, point-to-point diagrams, and other documentation as needed.
  • Scope Gap Analysis. Our consultants can ensure that all of the necessary products and considerations are identified to ensure installation of a complete opening solution that operates per your requirements.
  • Coordination of professionals. From mechanical hardware installers to electronic experts and security consultants, we can help coordinate a complete security solution.


Architect taking an AIA-registered continuing education course on access control solutions


Allegion's consultant support services offers several training options, including web-based training, office presentations and hands-on classroom education. Our experts throughout the U.S. and around the world are well-versed on local and national building codes, the unique needs of various types of facilities and access control and egress requirements.

Architect using Allegion Overtur software platform to create door access system

Overtur™ Cloud-Based Collaboration

Use Overtur™ cloud-based hub from Allegion to collaborate with your team on every phase of building for hardware and openings including specification, design, and construction.




Intro to Access Control: Diversified Keys, RSA, Asymmetric Encryption, & Other Smart Card Security

Smart card security is sophisticated and complex.  It's also evolving.  The technical and mathematical depth of these technologies can be daunting, but we can still explore the basic concepts with simple examples.  Even the most experienced cryptographic experts know Alice and Bob, and still use them to explain and develop solutions to today's smart card challenges.

Intro to Access Control: What does "26 bit format" mean?

This video explains what the term "26-bit format" means, and describes the purpose of Facility Codes and credential formats.  After you watch the video, check out the Credential Order Guide from Schlage to practice using what you've learned! 

Intro to Access Control: Prox & Smart Cards

What is a prox card?  What is a smart card?  How do they work?  What do they do?  What's the difference between them?  Why is it important?  If you've ever asked these questions, this video explains why prox and smart credentials are compared so often, and will help you understand terms like encryption, authentication, mutual authentication, interoperability, 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz, and more.


All in on Allegion.

"The integration between the Division 08 door hardware, Division 28 access control system, and wireless components is complex for most systems. You have simplified that coordination at each door and Overtur simplifies the documentation between trades."

- F. Patrick M., Senior Technology Designer