Sustainable building construction prioritizes environmentally friendly practices, and resource efficiency. It aims to minimize negative impacts on the environment, conserve energy, reduce, and use eco-conscious methods and materials.

Learn more about the industry programs and their requirements as well as documentation Allegion provides on our most popular products to help you with submission needs.


Solutions by Program



Allegion recognizes the value of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system to building environmentally safe and sustainable structures.

The Living Building Challenge


To support the Living Building Challenge, Allegion provides Declare labels for products. 


Environmental Product Declarations


EPDs contain information about the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle.

Health Product Declarations and Clean Air Gold Certificates


HPDs contain product content and associated health information of building products and materials.

Declare Labels


Required for Living Building Challenge and other projects, these labels help you easily specify the right sustainable products for your projects. 

Recycled Content


View reports related to recycled content.

Allegion Consultants

Navigating the sustainable building design and construction process can be confusing. Allegion's consultants can answer questions and help ensure that your building meets or exceeds sustainable requirements.



Other Solutions by Requirement

Fire-Rated Solutions

Fire-resistive-rated butt-glazed glass firewall in Murchie Science Center

Get information on solutions and products for fire-rated openings, as well as resources for fire indoor assembly inspections.

Accessibility Solutions

Woman in wheelchair going up ADA compliant ramp

Most buildings are required to comply with one or more sets of accessibility standards, such as the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, ICC A117.1, or a state or local accessibility standard.  This page helps simplify these codes and provides resources to help.

Healthy Building Solutions

People looking at artwork inside building with large glass curtain wall

Openings can contribute to a healthy building by reducing the number of touch points, hence reducing the spread of infections. Learn about this and other solutions to keep your occupants healthier.

Severe Weather Solutions

Severe weather storm outside multifamily building

Learn about the requirements and products needed for areas that experience extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and tornados.


Severe weather storm outside multifamily building

Innovative visual indication solutions from Allegion deliver a clear vision of confidence. Safeguard building occupants and their peace of mind with our proven, high-performance products that provide security in plain sight. Experience security you see, from brands you trust.

Solutions by Market

K-12 Security

Kids outside K-12 school building

Learn about securing schools and get best practices solutions.

Higher Education Security

Woman on college campus

From campus cards to electronic solutions to full campus security, learn more about securing your campus.

Health Care Security

Health care professionals in a busy corridor

Find solutions for health care applications and resources.

Government Security

People on steps of government building

Get the BAA Guide and find solutions for securing government buildings.

Multifamily Security

People talking in multifamily living room

From access control and key management to residence and common area security, learn how you can provide the best tenant experience.