Learning Center

Allegion is pleased to offer a broad library of learning resources on our free-to-all online learning system, the Allegion Learning Center. Offering educational resources especially helpful to individuals new or relatively new to hardware, doors, access control, or the building codes associated with openings, the system can record one’s completion of the learning content.


How to access the Allegion Learning Center:

If you work for an employer who uses the Allegion 360 Portal, please log into the Portal and look for the “Learning Center” widget.

If your organization does not use the Allegion 360 Portal, you can self-register for a Learning Center account below. If you’ve already registered for an account, you can sign in here, too. 

Learning Center

Learn at your own pace

Try out one of our popular ‘learning tracks’ in this six-set series. Each track includes multiple videos or training documents and there are optional, short quizzes (10 questions or less) to reinforce learning. For the best experience, use the login process recommended above. Tracks below are linked through the customer learning center for convenience, but will still require login credentials. 

Learning Track 1: Intro to Architectural Hardware

Learning Track 1

In “Intro to Architectural Hardware”, learners have access to 18 videos to cover introductions to topics like codes, panic hardware, automatic operators, lock functions, handing, and brand history on top brands like Schlage, LCN, and Von Duprin in just over an hour.

Learning Track 2: Intro to Schlage Residential

Learning Track 2

This is an introduction to Schlage residential. Viewers get an inside out appreciation of Schlage’s residential portfolio through nine compiled resources including documents and videos. Topics include residential lock functions, Schlage product overviews, and installation resources.

Learning Track 3: Allegion 101 Hang, Secure, Control & Protect the Door

Learning Track 3

Learning Track 3 details how to hang, secure, control & protect the door in the Allegion 101 series. Over four hours of comprehensive content is organized in these five videos; and don't forget the associated quizzes!


Learning Track 4

Learning Track 4: Electrified Hardware & Access Control Basics

Get ready to dive in! Track 4 covers topics like electricity basics,  electromechanical hardware, electrified latch retraction, power supplies, and differences between credential technologies, just to name a few. Feel free to learn at your own pace, as this course covers 12 videos in three hours.

Learning Track 5

Learning Track 5: Schlage Cylinders, Keys, & Key Systems

We unlock the complexities of the keys and key systems in Track 5, through the introduction to keying terminology, keying formats, the difference between Schlage key systems, and upgrading security and more. Test your knowledge with a complementary quiz for each video.

Learning Track 6

Learning Track 6: Installation Videos for Select Products

Familiarize yourself with the installation process of our most popular products from Steelcraft, Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN, and more in Track 6. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, anyone is likely to learn something new in these videos. Try testing yourself with the quizzes before and after!