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Allegion provides solutions for specific conditions to make buildings more accessible and to keep occupants safer. Whether you are providing more accessibility or protecting people from fire, severe weather or unhealthy conditions, we offer the resources and solutions you need.

Person in wheelchair rolling themself up an entryway ramp.


Allegion has the products, resources and industry knowledge to create a space that accounts for the needs of all who enter, regardless of their age or abilities. Explore the tools you need to build an inclusive, safe space.

Ominous, dark rain clouds hanging over apartment buildings in a city.

Severe Weather

In many U.S. States, your building design must account for high winds, storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. Allegion has the tools and resources to expand your horizons when it comes to federal, state and local building codes and the challenges of weather-related construction.

Red fire exit door in a hallway with bright lighting, white walls, and light-colored tile flooring.

Fire Rated

Looking for help understanding the codes and standards related to fire-rated assemblies, making your buildings or openings more compliant, and discovering doors and hardware that contribute to overall fire safety? Allegion has the solutions and expertise to keep people and property safe.

Sustainable building solutions from Allegion

Sustainable Building

Sustainable building construction prioritizes environmentally friendly practices, and resource efficiency. Learn more about how hardware can contribute and how our team supports you through the process.

Two people standing near large visual art piece in a gallery space with large windows in the background and two benches in the foreground.

Healthy Building

Collaborate with us for better building design and construction that helps the overall wellbeing of the occupants. Our door opening solutions support the physical, psychological, and social health and well-being of people inside.

Sustainable building solutions from Allegion


Innovative visual indication solutions from Allegion deliver a clear vision of confidence. Safeguard building occupants and their peace of mind with our proven, high-performance products that provide security in plain sight. Experience security you see, from brands you trust.

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Are you an architect, facility manager, general contractor, locksmith, security consultant, or security integrator? We have specific support.


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Find the right solutions for your K-12, Health Care, Higher Education, Multifamily or Government project.