High quality commercial doors utilize cutting edge technology and precision mechanical components to perform. Yet, even with regular maintenance and required safety checks, they can occasionally break down – costing you time, money, and could even violate compliance standards.  

We’ve built our reputation on a foundation of decades of service data, enabling you to meet your goals of lower total cost of ownership and maximum uptime. 

Expert Door Professionals

Our swift response, diagnosis, and remediation will keep doors made by any manufacturer operating at peak performance.  

Services Offered: 
  • Automatic door service agreements including: 
    • Enhanced response time for door service in as little as 2–4-hour emergency response 
    • Scheduled 14-point inspections and AADM-Certified Inspections including, but not limited to testing, adjusting, and lubricating as needed 
    • Robust reporting capabilities including service history, door location, door manufacturer, warranty status and more, for each door 
    • A fast fix the first time, all products are backwards compatible and designed with simple serviceability in mind 
  • Full range of specification writing and supporting services 
    • Our Architectural Specification Consultants are experts in the automatic door industry, and are available for pre-bid project consultation, design development and specification questions 
  • Automatic door troubleshooting resources and support