On time and on budget. That’s the expectation of every construction project from groundbreaking to building turnover. Don’t let door opening challenges complicate the already immense tasks facing commercial construction. Allegion has solutions to improve construction planning and execution for doors, frames, hardware and access control. Our general contractor consultants can work with you to help mitigate the risks associated with improperly specified door hardware. We can help keep your project on time and under budget and your clients satisfied.



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Preconstruction planning and collaboration sets a solid foundation for every project. Design, planning and coordinating Division 8 and Division 28 can be a cumbersome process. Involvement from Allegion Construction Consultants during the preconstruction phase can have a huge impact on project success before anyone steps on the jobsite.

  • Door Hardware Design
  • Budgeting for Preliminary hardware sets
  • Value Engineering 
  • Site Surveys 


From design to construction and install, keeping a project moving forward can be challenging. Make construction run more efficiently with the support of Allegion.  Allegion’s construction consultants can serve as an extension of your team by coordinating Division 8 and Division 28 throughout the project.

  • Submittal Reviews 
  • Scope Gap Analysis
  • Subcontractor Coordination 
  • Installation Training 
  • Wiring Diagrams 
  • Keying Meetings
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After construction is complete, Allegion can assist with the activities required to close out a project such as punch list reports, end users training, and life of building support.  

  • Post Install Walkthrough
  • Punchlist reports 
  • End User Training 
  • Life of Building Support 
Architect using Allegion Overtur software platform to create door access system


Door openings are difficult and complex to coordinate and manage. It's time to rethink how you manage door and opening coordination. Allegion's Overtur™, makes door openings the easiest part of the building with a cloud-based collaboration that streamlines coordination and communication.

Allegion team of security & safety consultants conducting security audit

Division 8/28

Well-coordinated Division 8 and 28, starts with having the right stakeholders at the table to ensure proper design and installation. Allegion can lead Division 8/28 coordination and create operational descriptions, accurate documentation, perform scope gap analysis and coordination of mechanical hardware installers to security consultants. 

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Intro to Door Hardware: Anatomy of a Fire Door

This video describes the anatomy of a fire door. It explains what is in a fire door assembly.

Intro to Door Hardware: The Company We Keep

This video describes the organizations involved in the selection, installation, and maintenance of openings in non-residential buildings.  If you've ever wondered how all of these organizations play a part, or what a particular organization does, this video is for you.

Overtur - Door Opening Coordination For All

Overtur is the digital environment for the design, construction and management of openings, helping designers, estimators, general contractors, building owners, and more, stay connected, updated, and coordinated. 

Overtur Mobile

Allegion's Overtur™ is a cloud-based ecosystem where project team members come together to collaborate on the specification, design, and construction of door security and openings. It provides a centralized place to capture, maintain and verify door hardware requirements and decisions, with easy options to push that information back to the design tools (e.g. Revit).