Allegion is committed to driving innovation across all of our products for the security and safety for commercial buildings and institutions. Unlock the strength and precision of our trusted solutions. As a vital part of the safety industry, your trade keeps us all safer and more secure.     


Codes, Compliance & Regulation

Below are links to several sites that detail code, compliance, and regulations that are important for the door and hardware industry. 

Architect taking a course on access control solutions


Allegion provides many types of training, including CEU courses, general education courses, how-to videos and webinars. Whether you want to gain CEU credits, bone up on door hardware, or view a quick instructional video, Allegion has customized training for you.

Architect using Allegion Overtur software platform to create door access system

Site Survey

A site survey elevates the door opening information gathering process by encompassing support capabilities at the beginning and throughout the life cycle of a project. Professionals can now simply go to a building site with a mobile device and capture needed information for the design and construction of door openings, including hardware products, photos and notes of the existing conditions, as well as opening dimensions. Utilizing the gathered information, a project team can seamlessly continue with design and construction, and ultimately facility management. Request a site survey today!

Key system solutions offered by Allegion

Key Systems

Our commercial brands will help you manage and control access to multiple locks within a building or facility. Key systems from Allegion provide a hierarchical structure of keys that allows authorized individuals to access specific areas while restricting access to others. They offer convenience, security, and efficient key management.



Introduction to Key Systems for Locksmiths

This animation explains the basics of key systems, including open, restricted, and high security systems.

5 Differences Between Schlage Primus RP and Primus XP

This video explains 5 differences between Schlage Primus RP and Primus XP.