Allegion provides solutions and expertise for all facets of government, from headquarters buildings, military barracks, VA hospitals, to educational facilities. We offer products compliant with government standards and regulations, including HSPD-12, FIPS-201-2, and UL752. 

Our industry-leading solutions provide security, safety, and accessiblity to meet the changing needs of your most sensitive areas:

  • Security: Electronic & Mechanical Locking Hardware, Blast Rated Doors, UL752 Bullet Resistant Doors and Glazing Products
  • Safety: FEMA Tornado and Hurricane Resistant Doors and Assemblies, Anti-Ligature Hardware
  • Accessibility: ADA Operators, ADA Door Hardware, Automatic & Manual Sliding Doors

Solutions by Program

US General Service Administration


Federal GSA Schedules and Cooperative Purchasing information.

HSPD-12 / FIPS-201-2


Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12  & Federal Information Processing Standards information. 

Buy America / Buy American


Buy American Act & Buy America Act information. 

Blast and Ballistic Resistant Solutions


Blast Resistant and Ballistic Resistant Solutions information. 


Our team of experts is here to help.

If you're in the government sector you already understand the importance of good security, and so do we. We understand your challenges. It is always our goal to provide you with:

  • Quality and Code Compliant solutions
  • Best in Class customer service
  • Knowledgeable subject matter experts with a long-standing presence in the government sector that will take a consultative approach to helping you solve your door hardware, security, and access control needs

Solutions by Application

VA and Military Hospital Patient Rooms 


A hospital patient’s room needs to be easily accessible so medical staff can push wheelchairs, gurneys or other necessary equipment through the opening, quickly and safely. 

Barracks and BEQ 


Barracks require access around the clock by authorized residents, with non-residents restricted after hours. Automation of barracks door opening and closing not only improves accessibility, but also strengthens security and protects residents. 

Corridor and Main Passageways 


Cross-corridor openings service a high level of traffic within a government facility. Because these doors often serve as the main openings for staff, visitors and equipment, security and safety are the two top priorities. 

VA and Military Hospital Cross-Corridor Doors


The most important goal of these openings is to control the spread of smoke or fire in the event of an emergency. Cross-corridor doors are also a physical barrier between one area of the facility and another that can be locked down in an emergency. 

Government Perimeter Solutions 


Main entrances to government facilities can have many authorized personnel and visitors entering and leaving the building each day. Reliable physical security is an important part of protecting these buildings and ensuring the safety of the people and property within.