Severe weather, in the form of tornadoes and hurricanes, have taken a tremendous toll on the United States and it has become increasingly difficult to understand and keep up with changing federal, state and local code requirements. This page helps simplify these weather-related challenges and requirements and provides resources to help.

When safety is as important as security

Requirements and details vary state to state so please contact your local Allegion representative to discuss the appropriate solution for your needs or call 877-671-7011 to get connected with someone in your area.

Learn more about specific codes and requirements related to severe weather.

Allegion Security Consultants

Securing an opening for extreme weather events requires a variety of products, all designed to withstand these events. Allegion has security and architectural consultants across the country and around the world.


Solutions by Application

See some of the key products that are required to secure openings against extreme weather events. For assistance with a full solution or specification, contact us.


Storm Shelters

The purpose of a storm shelter is to provide a safe location for building occupants and community members during a hurricane or tornado. The IBC defines a storm shelter as a building or structure that is constructed in accordance with ICC 500 and designated for use during severe windstorm events.

Learn more about storm shelters 


Hurricane Rated Doors

Specifically designed for wind and impact hurricane zones, hurricane doors are specially designed to withstand the high winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes. These products come in multiple core options for improved thermal performance or for additional steel reinforcements.

Explore Windstorm Solutions from Steelcraft

Explore Windstorm Solutions from Republic Doors


Tornado Rated Doors

Many doors that are specifically designed for tornadoes have a steel-stiffened core. These doors need to be paired with a multi-point lock or weather rated exit device as an assembly. These assemblies can withstand 250 mph windspeeds and multiple 15 lb projectile impacts at 100 mph.

Explore Steelcraft Paladin Glass Light Steel Tornado Doors

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Multi-point Locks

Multi-point locks secure the door at three points – top, bottom, and the traditional center latch location – resulting in an assembly that is exceptionally strong and can withstand tremendous abuse. 

Explore Severe Weather Solutions from Schlage, including Mutli-Point Locks


Exit Devices

For areas where panic hardware is required by code for expedited egress, exit devices can be used to both manage the area and provide safety during storms. The exact panic hardware solution depends on the requirements of that application.

Explore Severe Weather Solutions from Von Duprin

Other Solutions by Requirement

Fire-Rated Solutions

Exterior egress door with fire-rated vision panel

Get information on solutions and products for fire-rated openings, as well as resources for fire assembly inspections.

Sustainable Building Solutions

Allegion’s sustainability efforts including documentation for EPDs, HPDs

Sustainable building construction prioritizes environmentally friendly practices, and resource efficiency. Learn more about how hardware can contribute and how our team supports you through the process.

Healthy Building Solutions

People looking at artwork inside building with large glass curtain wall

Openings can contribute to a healthy building by reducing the number of touch points, hence reducing the spread of infections. Learn about this and other solutions to keep your occupants healthier.

Accessibility Solutions

Woman in wheelchair going up ADA compliant ramp

Most buildings are required to comply with one or more sets of accessibility standards, such as the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, ICC A117.1, or a state or local accessibility standard.  This page helps simplify these codes and provides resources to help.

Solutions by Market

K-12 Security

Kids outside K-12 building

Learn about securing schools and get best practices solutions.

Higher Education Security

Woman on college campus

From campus cards to electronic solutions to full campus security, learn more about securing your campus.

Health Care Security

Medical professionals in busy corridor of healthcare building

Find solutions for health care applications and resources.

Government Security

People on steps of government building

Get the BAA Guide and find solutions for securing government buildings.

Multifamily Security

People visiting in multifamily living room space

From access control and key management to residence and common area security, learn how you can provide the best tenant experience.