We help multifamily property owners and managers secure their communities while improving operational efficiency, net operating income, resident experience, and overall peace of mind. From resident units and common areas to mailrooms and perimeters, our solutions, services and Proptech alliances can help take your property to the next level and deliver a superior resident experience.


Featured Articles

Leveraging Proptech for Better Sustainable Multifamily Properties


How to use Proptech to reduce your multifamily property’s environmental impact, save energy, and lower your operating costs, while also attracting eco-conscious renters.

Upgrades that Matter: Leveraging the 4 Pillars of Multifamily Profitability for Smart Capital Improvements


In the competitive world of multifamily property management, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for maximizing profitability. 

Beyond the Lobby: Incorporating style and design with security and convenience

Multifamily kitchen

In the highly competitive rental market, the way a property is designed on the inside can have a large influence on attracting and retaining tenants. 

Empowering Property Security and Safety Against Fires, Burglary, and Accidents with Proptech

Multifamily kitchen

From smart locks to fire safety technology, Proptech provides an opportunity for multifamily dwellings to upgrade and enhance safety and the resident experience with a range of tools that go beyond traditional security measures.

Why Multifamily Property Owners Should Upgrade to Mobile-Enabled Electronic Locks

Multifamily kitchen

If you own or manage multifamily properties, you know how important it is to keep your residents safe, happy and loyal, while also managing your operational costs and maximizing your return on investment. 

Five SMART Goals for Your Multifamily Property in 2024: Navigating Market Trends and the Potential Recession

Multifamily lobby area

Setting goals is a fundamental aspect of success in any endeavor, and the same holds true for multifamily property owners. It’s important to set goals that are well-defined, realistic, and have clear metrics for tracking progress. 

Do more in less time: How consolidating your Proptech can lead to improved NOI and happier residents

Consolidating Proptech

With the rapid increase in Proptech solutions, it’s important to consider how your unique needs can be optimized through Proptech consolidation.

The Beginner’s Guide to Multifamily Proptech

Proptech guide

Learn to navigate the process of choosing and implementing Proptech at your property. 

How to upgrade to electronic locks for multifamily


Electronic door access can add big value to your properties. Start small or go all-in with smart locks for apartments and mobile credentials.

How older multifamily properties can embrace smart tech


Smart apartment technology isn’t exclusive to new buildings. Existing properties can embrace the latest keyless access solutions.

Smart apartment technology for better NOI


When implemented strategically, smart apartment technology can improve your NOI. See the infographic.

Offline vs Online: Smart lock facts for apartments


Learn the facts of smart electronic locks and how they can still be beneficial - even in an offline environment.

Multifamily Design Ideas & Trends

Multifamily building at night

What makes multifamily design stand out in the market? Owners and developers who know the trends can create spaces that wow tenants. This article reveals the hottest trends in multifamily design and stunning project examples from around the world.

The Golden Ticket: Master Surging Residential Markets with Integrated Systems

Woman on tablet

Learn how a total building approach can enhance the access experience for renters and property staff and discover why experts agree single integrated user apps are the future of multifamily technology.

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Schlage Mobile Access Solutions for Multifamily

Schlage Mobile Access Solutions provides owners, property managers, and residents seamless access to every opening at their multifamily site using software from Allegion or one of our Proptech providers.

Schlage and ENGAGE™ Mobile Solutions for Multifamily

Schlage Mobile Access Solutions provides owners, property managers, and residents seamless access to every opening at their multifamily site using ENGAGE™ software.

Solving for Multifamily Podcast

Welcome to the world of multifamily, where residential meets commercial. In the "Solving for Multifamily Podcast," join host Paul Marks as he shines a spotlight on the companies and thought leaders who are paving the way in solving the top challenges faced by the multifamily industry today. 


From maximizing your net operating income and improving renter acquisition to emerging multifamily living trends and the latest proptech solutions, this podcast covers it all for multifamily owners, developers and managers. Gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the curve with expert discussions and real-world strategies.


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Mobile Solutions

The mobile experience your residents expect and your properties need. 

We understand managing access control, visitor management, package delivery, concierge services and more can be overwhelming and time consuming for properties. We've built the Schlage Mobile Access Solutions to improve efficiency and operations on site, as well as open up the doors to additional sources of revenue through services and amenities enabled through the mobile access portfolio. Ultimately, the Schlage Mobile Access solutions is your key to improving Net Operating Income while attracting and retaining high-quality residents.