New study on what multifamily renters desire, expect and will pay more for in their residences

Allegion’s research pulled back the curtain in the multifamily market to understand the trends and preferences among today’s multifamily dwellers. With the influx of Proptech and emerging living behaviors following COVID-19, multifamily is changing. This study explores the evolution of multifamily living trends over the last four years. Check out the articles and download the full report below.

Overview of Allegion's 2023 Multifamily Living Trends Report 

Over the last several years, the multifamily landscape has changed in significant ways – both for renters and property owners alike. 

The Impact of Proptech on Multifamily Residences

It’s widely accepted that Proptech can help to attract responsible, high-quality residents and provide enhanced and safer cross-property amenities, lower operating costs and increase revenue. 

The Rise of Mobile Access Control

Property owners and operators can use mobile access control to elevate the apartment living experience, differentiate their property from others, and attract high-quality, higher-paying residents.

Renter Amenities That Attract Based on New Behaviors

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the way people live and behave, including those living in multifamily buildings.

Renters React: The Value of Safety and Resident Peace of Mind 

While property owners can’t always control the crime rates around them, they can provide security upgrades that will give their renters added peace of mind and deter criminal activity.

Resident Leasing Preferences that Convert

Efficient communication with prospective and current residents can enable a positive ROI and a differentiating experience for renters that results in increased attraction and retention.

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