Empowering Property Security and Safety Against Fires, Burglary, and Accidents with Proptech

Proptech, or property technology, is revolutionizing the way we approach security in multifamily buildings. From smart locks to fire safety technology, Proptech provides an opportunity for multifamily dwellings to upgrade and enhance safety and the resident experience with a range of tools that go beyond traditional security measures. And because Proptech is customizable to accommodate many different needs and situations, there are dozens of ways property owners can leverage this technology to mitigate the risk of burglary, fires and accidents.

Fire & Safety

Burglary Prevention

Smart locks

Implementing smart access control systems can significantly enhance security in multifamily buildings. These systems use keyless entry methods, such as credentials or mobile apps, instead of traditional keys.

Access control technology allows property managers to monitor and control access to the building, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter. It also provides a specific digital trail of who accesses the area and when, tied to a specific identity—as opposed to traditional keys, which can be duplicated and used anonymously by anyone. Features like temporary access codes and remote access control capabilities enable property managers to grant or revoke access privileges quickly, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. It reduces the need for traditional keys and the headache that comes with them.

Schlage currently offers two smart locks ideal for multifamily properties. The Schlage Control® mobile enabled smart lock was designed specifically for multifamily resident doors. It allows properties to offer smart security to residents and intelligent efficiency to property managers. It also enables residents to gain access using a smart credential or their smartphone. And without traditional keys to deal with, properties will save time and money in managing resident access and increase safety on renters’ front doors.

The XE360™ Series is the next generation wireless lock from Schlage and was designed specifically for multifamily properties. It delivers innovation, intelligence and reliability wrapped in a modern, sleek design. It’s ideal for just about every door with different functions, from storerooms to property offices and apartments. The open architecture design of the XE360 allows it to be managed by Allegion software or be integrated into popular physical access control and Proptech systems through our PACS Alliance program.Video Surveillance and Analytics

Video surveillance can integrate with Proptech access control solutions and help residents feel safer. Not only can property staff monitor the property remotely, they can also utilize artificial intelligence to analyze behaviors and identify potential security threats or weaknesses in the building’s security. Video surveillance may also deter security issues, like burglary or vandalism, simply by being present on the premises.

Video Surveillance and Analytics

Video surveillance can integrate with Proptech access control solutions and help residents feel safer. Not only can property staff monitor the property remotely, they can also utilize artificial intelligence to analyze behaviors and identify potential security threats or weaknesses in the building’s security. Video surveillance may also deter security issues, like burglary or vandalism, simply by being present on the premises.


Visitor Management & Self-guided Tours

Visitor management systems can help track visitors, deter unauthorized individuals, and provide a record of who has accessed the building. This is especially useful for larger dwellings with people coming and going frequently, including guests and deliveries.

Self-guided tours are becoming a critical leasing strategy. They can provide an experience that benefits prospective residents and staff alike while improving conversion rates on leases and ensuring resident safety. Self-guided tour technology is more efficient and effective with the potential for flexible tour hours. Potential renters use a mobile device with credentials and smart locks to access permissible parts of the building without the in-person help of a leasing agent.


Community Engagement and Communication

Proptech platforms can facilitate community engagement by providing residents with a secure and convenient communication channel. Encouraging residents to report suspicious activities or share security concerns through the platform fosters a sense of community vigilance and helps prevent burglaries.

Property managers can also use the platform to disseminate security-related information, tips, or updates to residents, enhancing overall security awareness.

Fire & Safety

Fire Safety

Smart Sensors & Mobile Connectivity

Wi-fi enabled smart fire detection systems use advanced sensors and technology to detect smoke, heat, or other signs of fire. These systems can provide early warning alerts, allowing residents and property managers to take immediate action and evacuate if necessary. They can also be integrated with mobile apps or central monitoring to send alerts and provide remote status updates or maintenance reminders.


Fire-rated Smart Locks

Smart access control hardware should be as effective in helping people go about their lives as it is in securing their environments and helping to keep them safe.

A fire door, one not intended as an exit, is used to help deter the spread of smoke, flames, and toxic gases during a fire by compartmentalizing the building. The code requirements for fire doors focus on keeping the door closed and latched during a fire. For this reason, most locks have options for fire-rated latches, including smart locks. In the event of power failure, fail-secure smart locks will also stay latched to keep the door closed but allow free egress.

Evacuation planning and communication

Proptech platforms can facilitate effective evacuation planning and communication during fire emergencies. Property managers can use the platform to share evacuation plans, emergency exit routes, and safety procedures with residents. During a fire emergency, the platform can be used to send real-time alerts and instructions to residents, ensuring a coordinated and swift evacuation.


Status Monitoring and Maintenance Reminders

Proptech allows property managers to remotely monitor the status and maintenance needs of fire safety equipment, such as smoke alarms or fire doors. Real-time notifications can be sent if any equipment requires servicing or if there are any issues that could compromise fire safety. Automated reminders or checklists can be integrated into the platform to help property managers stay on top of regular inspections, maintenance, and testing of fire safety systems.

Fire & Safety

Mitigating Hazards and Accidents

Smart Monitoring Systems

Proptech can incorporate sensors and monitoring devices to detect and mitigate potential hazards. For example, motion sensors can be used to detect falls or accidents, and alert systems can immediately notify property owners or emergency services. This can be especially useful in senior living communities where residents may be independent, but at higher risk of accidents or falls.

Smart monitoring systems can also track environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and air quality, which can help prevent accidents related to fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other health risks. These can also be integrated with a mobile app.


Adequate, Automated Lighting

Proptech solutions may include home automation features that can enhance safety. For instance, automated lighting systems can ensure well-lit pathways to prevent trips and falls. As a bonus, it’s one less thing property staff must think about. Lights on a sensor or timer ensure areas will be well lit as soon as necessary. Adequate lighting plays a part in security, too. Well-lit areas may deter vandalism or burglary.


Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Proptech solutions can leverage data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and detect potential risks. For instance, analyzing historical data from sensors can help identify areas that are prone to accidents, allowing property owners to take preventive measures.

Machine learning algorithms can also analyze user behavior and activity patterns to identify deviations or anomalies that may indicate potential threats, accidents or hazardous situationsProptech offers multifamily properties an array of solutions to enhance security and safety while mitigating the risk of fires, burglary, and accidents.


Whether through smart access control systems like keyless entry or advanced video surveillance and analytics, Proptech provides customizable tools that go beyond traditional security measures, empowering property owners and managers to create safer environments. These tailored solutions prioritize the safety and well-being of residents, offering peace of mind for property owners, managers, and residents alike. As the world of technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for enhancing property security and safety through Proptech are boundless.

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