Classroom Security

Classroom security is a vital part of your school security plan. 

Some key components of classroom security include:


  • Visual indicators provide teachers and students with peace of mind by knowing at a glance that the door is locked. 
    Learn about visual indicators




Classroom Doors 

Locked classroom doors provide a final line of defense to keep students and teachers safe. Classroom doors have proven to be an effective barrier if the assailant is inside the building. Learn more about key considerations for classrooms including:

  • Operational requirements
  • Recommendations from commission reports
  • Lock functions
  • Electronic lockdown for a higher level of security
  • Code considerations
  • Other considerations and recommendations

Recognizing the Need for Lockdown

  • If your door hardware requires an individual to step out of the room to lock the door, then your staff and students could be at risk.
  • Magnets or tape on the door to prevent latching violates model codes if the door is fire-rated.
  • If your school’s exterior doors do not automatically close, then they are not in a ready position for an emergency lockdown.
  • Hardware that is not permanently attached to the door, requiring teachers or staff to locate and attach the device during a lockdown emergency, can take critical time.
  • Door hardware that slows down entering or leaving a room during an emergency could unnecessarily place staff and students in harm’s way.
  • Current codes require classroom doors be able to unlock from the outside with a key, credential, or other approved means, for access by emergency responders.

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