There are many factors to consider when choosing the best solution for securing your classrooms. From lock functionality to policies such as whether to keep doors locked during class times to training procedures, each school has unique needs for classroom lockdown.

Best Practices for Securing Classrooms

According to industry best practices, locks on classroom doors should meet the following parameters:

  • Outside levers should be lockable from inside the room without opening the door. (Sandy Hook, MSD, Robb, FED, PASS)
  • Locks on classroom doors should be able to open from outside of the room with key or credential, allowing access for administration or law enforcement.(FED, PASS, Model Codes)
  • Classroom locking devices should comply with fire, life safety and ADA codes and requirements.(Sandy Hook, FED)
  • Keys or credentials should be always in the possession of teachers and staff.(MSD, Robb)
  • Locks should have visual indicators so occupants of the room can see the status of the door (locked or unlocked).(PASS)

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The importance of key control

A restricted, patented key system is vital to school security. These key systems prevent unauthorized duplication of keys to ensure tighter control over access to assigned areas. If the age of your key system is beyond the limit of patent coverage, seek compatible security upgrade options for perimeter doors and sensitive areas or consider replacement.

Utilizing a key management system to assist in controlling distribution of your keys is a necessity for any big organization. Whether you use a software system or manually log the keys handed out, be sure you know who has keys to which areas of the school.

Recommended Lock Functions for Classrooms
Lock infographic
Lock infographic

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