Visual Indicators

The importance of visual indicators on classroom doors

Best practices as recommended by PASS, past incident commission reports, and other sources, calls for locking hardware in classrooms to function as follows:

  • Locks from inside the room without stepping into the hall.
  • Free egress available at all times.
  • Locks is accessible from the hall with valid key or credential.

Visual indicators on the inside of classroom doors are also recommended by PASS and can provide an additional layer of security.

  • In case of an emergency, indicators provide a quick visual confirmation that the door is locked. There is no need for teachers or students to approach the door to check its status.
  • Students and teachers can easily verify the locked status of the door at any time, providing them with peace of mind to concentrate on teaching and learning.

Dual indicators on doors that connect classrooms, ensure that both teachers and students on either side of the door are aware of the status and that their room is securely locked. However, it is not advised to have dual indicators on doors leading into the hallway.


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Panic hardware with visual indicators

Gymnasiums, cafeterias, media centers, music rooms, auditorium and other assembly spaces are larger than traditional classrooms but are still spaces where students gather and learn.  These spaces also need to lock down.  Many models of panic hardware have visual indicators to whether the device is dogged (latch is being held retracted to the door will pull open) or not.

Doors on assembly areas are often dogged during the day, for easy access in and out.  Visual indicator can save time crossing a large space to check on the status of the door.

If the door is unlocked, be sure that teachers and staff know how to quickly undog the panic device, so the room is secure.  Basic training on locking, dogging, and using these devices is highly recommended.

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