Blast/Bullet Resistant Applications

Steelcraft Blast Resistant Doors and Frames

From military installations and government facilities to hospitals and office buildings, some locations demand an extra layer of safety. Steelcraft meets that demand with proven blast-resistance glazing on its most popular honeycomb and steel-stiffened core models. Tested under the most stringent United States Department of Defense guidelines, Steelcraft doors offer your building occupants an increased level of personal security.

Steelcraft Blast Resistant Assemblies meet the following Blast Test Standards:

•UFC 4-010-01 Feb 20012  DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings

•ASTM F1642

•GSA TS-01 Levels C&D

Note: The DoD and GSA have different peak pressure and impulse requirements.

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Republic Bullet Resistant Doors and Frames

Republic offers up to eight levels of bullet resistant door and frame protection, ranging from 9mm handguns (Level 1) up to 7.62mm military assault rifles (Level 8). All bullet resistant doors are tested and labeled in accordance with UL752 and constructed per SDI Level 4.

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Republic’s DE Series technical data sheet

Antiterrorism Force Protection (ATFP)

ATFP is the minimum strength requirement of the DoD. Products that meet this requirement are tested to withstand specific threats in the areas where the facility is to be constructed. There may be additional requirements for standards based on specific Combatant Commanders or by Risk and/or Threat Analysis. For more information on the DoD standards click here.

Allegion has created resolutions to meet the ATFP requirements.