Tips for evaluating your campus cards


Published May 2020


To keep up with the latest advances in credentialing, colleges and universities across the country should consider taking a close look at their campus card platform. There are many things to think about as your administration explores new technologies—from the demand for convenient routines to enhanced security.


Are your credentials ready to evolve with the needs of the new generation of students on campus? Have you considered the rest of the campus ecosystem? Let us help guide your team as it evaluates campus card technologies and plans for the future.


Evaluating campus cards

Most universities enjoy the benefits of a campus card. Yet many are still using the legacy technology they invested in several years ago. If this sounds like your school, consider evaluating your credential platform.

Evaluating campus credentials

Is it secure?

Smart card technology offers advanced security. Upgrading to smart credentials can improve the control a university has over its campus card platform.

Mag stripe

Mag stripe

- Coded magnetic stripe
- No encryption

Mobile bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth low energy

- Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
- Encrypted



- Frequency: 125 kHz
- No encryption

Mobile near field communication

Near fleld communication

- Frequency: 13.56 mHz
- Encrypted



- Frequency: 13.56 mHz
- Encrypted

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the credential
options available.

Is it flexible?

What’s the proprietary nature of your credential technology? Is it open and capable of supporting new technological advancements in access control?

Think about your ideal future state when evaluating your options. Can your current technology get you there? Do you feel trapped in a proprietary environment?  

Closed, proprietary solutions

Open, interoperable solutions

- Built on industry standard, like NXP
- Technology is widely known and supported, enabling credential platform to seamlessly work with more applications across campus.

Open interoperable

Closed, proprietary solutions

- Technology isn't widely known or shared, and therefore cannot be supported by as many applications
- Limits choice of vendors and technologies

Evaluating smarter

If your current campus cards can easily be duplicated and lack the flexibility to evolve with your campus's needs, it's time to evaluate your credential technology.

Evaluating smarter options

Have you considered mobile?

Mobile technology isn’t a fad; it’s not going anywhere. As you consider a transition to more secure, open technologies, think about how mobile credentials would impact the campus experience.

The mobile movement

Tip! Launching a seamless mobile ecosystem for campus doesn’t happen overnight. But that doesn’t mean you need to wait to start upgrading. With the right solutions, your institution can transition to smart card technology for enhanced security and flexibility now, then adopt mobile credentials when the time is right.

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considering mobile
future proof campus credentials

How can you future-proof campus credentials?

The technology your university or college chooses today can dictate what it gets in the future. It’s advantageous to select an open solution today that’s more likely to work with new technological advancements in access control—especially with the rate at which technology is advancing and the promising future of mobile credentials.

Future proof your choices

  • Does it work with mobile credentials today, or is there a clear path to mobile down the road? 
  • Does it work across multiple manufactures and vendors?
  • Will my campus have control over future credential decisions, like adopting new technology or working with vendors of our choice?  


Choosing your campus card solution

As you start evaluating your campus cards, it’s important to look at the big picture. Choose the credential that’s going to deliver the most value to your university—today and in the future.

When you’re ready to discuss options for your institution and develop a tailored migration plan that fits your unique needs, Allegion is here to help. Contact us today.

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