How to choose a new campus card technology

Most universities enjoy the benefits of a campus card. Yet many are still using the legacy technologies they invested in decades ago, like magnetic stripe or low-frequency proximity cards.


How do you know when it’s time to upgrade? And which credential is best for your university? There are several factors to consider, like security needs, the student experience and existing hardware. Ultimately, you want to choose the credential that’s going to deliver the most value to your university—today and in the future.


New innovations in campus card technology are designed to provide trusted security while balancing today’s expectations for a convenient, seamless experience. If you think it’s time for your school to start exploring a new credential platform, the prompts below can help get the process started. (Note: To access the helpful links, download the infographic.) If your team wants more information on the credential technologies available, contact an Allegion expert.

Download the infographic (PDF).

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