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Easy electronic access control

Electronic access control made easy.

  • One database
  • One credential for entire property, with many form factor options
  • ROI within one year after upgrading from mechanical
    • Costs savings (time and money)
    • Increased value to residents
    • Increased revenue (higher fees for lost fobs vs. lost keys)
  • Control access, audit trails, increased security and visibility
  • Choose the best software solutions for your specific needs
    • Basic Access Control – ENGAGE Web and Mobile Apps
      • Free
      • No long-term contracts
      • Simple to use (wireless, no tour, access from anywhere)
      • Open platform, easily upgradable
    • Software Alliance Member (SAM) solutions
      • Increase flexibility and scalability
      • Enhance functionality, with more than just access control (HVAC systems, etc.)
      • Real-time capabilities
    • Complete suiting solutions
      • Lever designs and finishes (ND/NDE, L/LE, J/F/Control)
      • Electronic compatibility (NDE/LE/Control/CTE)
    • Channel partner mapping (makes it easy to see who’s doing what)