360 Portal FAQ

Is My Allegion Portal being replaced?

Not yet. For now, you can still access everything you're used to accessing in My Allegion Portal. The new 360 Portal will eventually replace My Allegion Portal. Untill that time, it is necessary for us to keep both portals live.

We will keep all content and systems available in My Allegion Portal until they are fully migrated to 360 Portal. In the meantime, we encourage you to use 360 Portal, get confortable with it, and let us konw what you think about it.


How can I give feedback about my experience using 360 Portal?

We'd love to hear from you. You can simply click on that Orange feedback rectangle at the bottom of the 360 Portal page to give us your feedback.


What web browser should I use for 360 Portal?

360Portal runs best on Chrome web browser. You may notice style and functionality issues on other web browsers.


Why do I need a new login for 360 Portal?

This is temporary. The new login you are creating will eventually become your only login. We need to keep both portals live until all apps and content have been migrated from My Allegion Portal to 360 Portal. The old My Allegion Portal is not compatible with the upgraded user account system that we are using for 360 Portal. This new system will provide more capability for you to have one single login across all Allegion systems and websites.


How to I get help with accessing or using the 360 Portal?

You can submit the Contact Us form under the My Profile icon in the top right of the launchpad. Your question will be directed to the appropriate Allegion representative.


Why are some apps, like Order Status, available in both Portals?

This too, is temporary. We are working to improve all of C360 and build it out into individual apps (like the Order Status 2.0 app on the 360 Portal). Until this is done, C360 will remain available.


Is C360 going away?

Not really. Everything that you can do now in C360 will eventually be made available in 360 Portal, like the new Order Status 2.0 app.


Why didn't I receive a confirmation email?

In some cases, the confirmation email may go to your Spam, Junk or Clutter box. Please check those.