The first fire-rated tornado glass light for hollow metal

Steelcraft® is leading, and lighting, the way in the industry with the new Paladin™ PW Glass Light Series tornado doors. Our patent pending tornado glass light doors provide the critical visibility and safety needed in today’s classrooms, safe rooms, and storm shelters, while allowing natural light to enter the room. Having the ability to withstand the direct impact of a 15lb 2x4 at over 100mph, our high impact glass lights are compliant with ICC500-2014 and FEMA 361/320 and labeled with ITS/WHI Intertek labels for tornado resistance. Options include fire rating to 90 minutes for vision and ADA compliant narrow lights. Lights are factory installed to control quality and dependability of your life-safety product. These lights
can be ordered in any PW Series Door in a 3-sided frame

Features and benefits

      - Protection from tornados with optional fire rating
      - Able to withstand the impact of a 15lb 2x4 at 100 mph per ICC500-2014 test criteria
      - Allows for citical visibility into classrooms, a known liability
      - Patent pending design

      - Labeled with ITS/WHI Intertek ICC500-2014/ FEMA 361/320 tornado label
      - Labeled with ITS/WHI Intertek fire label up to 90 minutes
      - ADA compliant PN Narrow lights available

      - Lets in desired natural light
      - Adds aesthetic appeal to any PW door

      - Order through OEW, email or fax
      - No additional lead time for Paladin lights


Designed for ease of installation

      - Factory installed glass lights make installation easy and dependable
      - Care and instructions included in Steelcraft Tech Data and in your shipment
      - Add to any available PW door in a 3-sided frame
      - PV Vision light 9 1⁄2" x 9 1⁄2" visible
      - ADA compliant PN Narrow light 4 1⁄8" x 26 11⁄16" visible
      - Single sizes: 3'0" x 6'8" thru 4'0" x 8'0"
      - Pair sizes: 6'0" x 6'8" thru 8'0" x 8'0"
      - 5 3⁄4" thru 14 3⁄4" Jamb depth

Paladin door opening hardware compatibility

      - A variety of approved hardware and accessory solutions available. Only approved hardware and accessories may be used.
      - Approved Latching Hardware and Accessories include Schlage LM9300 multipoint lock (Von Duprin CVR assembly installed at the factory) and Von Duprin WS98/9927 (2-pt) or WS98/9957 (3-pt) exit devices
      - See the Steelcraft Tech Data manual, Tornado section for more details