Creating your 360 Portal profile

Signing up by Invitation

*Direct accounts: If you are a direct account, you may have received an email invitation to sign up for the portal. This is the preferred method of signing up, as you will automatically be associated with the correct company and have immediate access to the tools you need. [If you don’t have an email invitation, ask your company admin user to send you one.]

The email will look something like this:


Inside the email, just click the Sign Up button to get started.


Signing up without an invitation

If you don’t have an email invitation, you can still sign up. Simply go to

Create your profile

To sign up, click the “Create profile” button


Enter your First Name, Last Name, company email address, and a password, then click Create profile.


A verification email will then be immediately sent to the email address you provided.


If you don’t see it in your inbox within a minute. Please check your spam or promotional folders. If it’s in the spam folder, mark it as not spam.

Then open the email and click on the Confirm my account link in the body of the email.


You’ll be taken to an Email Verification screen. You can close this browser tab.


Now go back to the browser/tab that you used to sign up. The “LET’S GO” button is now highlighted.

You’ll be guided through a very quick account setup process.

To start that process, click the checkbox to agree to the terms of service, then click the LET’S GO button.

On the next screen, you can upload a picture or skip this step.


On the next screen, complete your contact details. Then click CONTINUE.


Finally, enter your company name and Job Function.

Important: Please enter the full company name.


Your account is now created, and you have access to the 360 Portal.