Cybersecurity resources

Security in 30 Webinar Recording

Core Principles of Cybersecurity: Protect, Detect, Correct 

Cybersecurity strategies have shifted from just a protection-only model to an additional focus on detection and response. While prevention is important, it is futile unless it is combined with detection and response capabilities. In this session, Dave York and Frank Kasper will discuss this shift in cybersecurity and what it means for access control. 

ENGAGE Wireless (BLE & Wi-Fi) Security White Paper

Explore how ENGAGE™ Wireless Technology uses combinations of keys and encryption methodologies to prevent wireless attacks against and how these methods prohibit unauthorized access to any device, its configuration, or its programming. 

Mobile Access Credential Security White Paper

Explore how the Schlage Mobile Access Software Development Kit (SDK) provides our partners with the capability to create and manage both Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mobile credentials and prevent against attacks.