Introducing Overturâ„¢

Allegion recently launched Overtur, a cloud-based suite of tools where architects and hardware consultants can come together to collaborate on specifications and the security design of doors and openings. We are very excited about this new platform, and encourage you to take a look on our Discover Overtur site.

Overtur provides a holistic solution to online collaboration, review of plans and hardware information, and the exchange of data between architects and specification writers.

  • Overtur includes its own Revit plugin and can accomplish the same tasks Spec Exchange.
  • Overtur, has expanded capability to impact more activities in the specification process, and has much faster data transfer.

The Revit plugin for Overtur supports Revit 2016, 2017, and 2018; you can download these from the Overtur home page and get started on your next project today at

For these reasons, Spec Exchange is being retired and will no longer be supported. The existing plug-in will continue to work, but no updates will be made going forward and it will not support future versions of Revit (2018 and beyond). If you have an existing project that was started using Spec Exchange you should continue to use it until the project is completed.

Contact your Allegion Specification Consultant with concerns or questions or you can contact us here or at 888-868-8774.


Download Spec Exchange now:

Spec Exchange Plugin for Revit 2015

Spec Exchange Plugin for Revit 2016

Spec Exchange Plugin for Revit 2017


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