Design Builder

Growing demands for security across institutions and industries have inevitably produced increasingly complicated door hardware requirements.  Codes and regulations continue to change, adding potential confusion and time to the process of specifying door hardware.

Allegion offers specification writing services, AIA-approved training, code consulting and other services.  Additionally, our proprietary cloud-based collaboration site, Overtur, can help architects specify the right door hardware solution for every project type.

Assisted Living/Senior Living: These are dynamic environments with occupants that have varying levels of medical needs.  Security requirements can be very complex.

Government: Allegion has expertise in Government projects and offers a variety of products that are tailored to the needs of the government sector.

Healthcare: Healthcare providers have special requirements when creating a safe and secure environment for patients, physicians and staff.  Allegion has expertise in providing solutions for addressing those critical security and safety needs.

Education: We work to help make schools safer by partnering with a variety of industry partners.  There are unprecedented safety and security threats, including fires, natural disasters and intruders.  Allegion can help determine solutions that effectively deter, detect and delay adversarial behaviors for both K-12 and higher education.

Manufacturing/Warehouse/Distribution: Exit doors and perimeter security are critical to the success of a manufacturing or distribution center.  Allegion can help find reliable, cost effective products, that will keep your facility moving.

Multifamily: At Allegion, we have complete solutions that range from residential to commercial, as well as mechanical to electronic.  We are the only manufacturer to offer a range of premium and standard products covering every need and budget.

Office:  A safe, secure, accessible office building allows for the protection of sensitive information as well as allows the tenants to focus on work with peace of mind.  From main entrances to conference rooms, Allegion has a large variety of solutions for every door type in an office/corporate facility.

Tenant Improvement:  Speed is the key to success for tenant improvement work and our experts can tailor your design to products that meet your needs and schedule.