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Doing business with Allegion

Allegion goes above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the level of expertise and support they need every step of the way. Our robust network of professionals is available, including our sales, customer service and technical support representatives. Security integrators that work with Allegion also receive access to purchasing and implementing new solutions through our extensive network of software providers. 

Allegion Software Alliances

Allegion is here to support your security business. Our broad portfolio, including the latest wireless locks, will help expand your business offering. Learn more about the benefits of wireless solutions.

Meet our experts

We take pride in our people. We have a responsive and dedicated team of experts with the singular goal of making it easier to do business with Allegion. They are knowledgeable in:

  • Code expertise
  • Intelligent and electrified hardware knowledge
  • Bill of materials creation assistance
  • Tailored product and business development training courses