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Perimeter Seals

Door gaskets engineered for reliable performance.

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Turn to Zero when code or opening conditions dictate the need for gasketing to achieve fire rating or control smoke, air or sound infiltration. With unique features such as our adjustable sealing systems that compensate for door alignment problems and our patented ligature resistant option for mental health applications, Zero seals standout for their ability to address a broad range of challenging applications.

Constructed from top-quality materials they are built to last, with solid or closed cell sponge neoprene, silicone, EPDM rubber, nylon brush, and pile with fin seals available. Zero offers a wide variety of door sweeps, door shoes, intumescent, adjustable, head and jamb, meeting stile and specialty solutions.

  • Sealing reinforcement using double seals, magnetic door seals, or spring-loaded mechanisms
  • Snap-on covers for aesthetics, as well as protecting mounting screws from abuse
  • ZAG ligature resistant option available on select head & jamb gaskets to prevent removal for self-harm or other inappropriate uses
  • EBF double sealing system available on selected gasketing (as well as thresholds), our extruded bulb/finger ensures an airtight seal even when doors are misaligned because of poor installation, or slightly warped
  • Adjustable features to compensate for door alignment problems at installation or in service

ZERO perimeter seals meet the highest standards in the industry for reliability and performance. See the catalog for specific certification by model number. They include certifications for:

  • Fire Rating
  • Smoke and Draft Control
  • Air Infiltration
  • Sound

Zero offers an unequaled range of capabilities, features, aesthetic options and specialized solutions to address needs across a variety of applications. See catalog for dimensions, drawings, available options and certifications for each part number.

  • Door sweeps: Easily mounted to the face of a door, door sweeps offer protection from dust, moisture and drafts from coming through the bottom of an entry.
  • Door shoes: The u-shaped design of a door shoe wraps around the door for a better seal and improved aesthetics while still preventing dust, moisture and drafts.
  • Intumescent solutions: Gasketing with specially designed intumescent material for fire protection applications to restore lost ratings and provide maximum fire and smoke proofing.
  • Adjustable sealing systems: Gaps happen for a variety of reasons and diminish performance of gasketing, Zero addressed this problem with simple solutions that allow you to tighten adjusting screws along the length of the gasket and restore a tight seal. Adjustable sealing systems are ideal for sound control solutions.
  • Head and jamb gasketing: Easily seal the entire head and jamb of an opening with a wide variety of gasketing that can be purchased in sets or in single sticks.
  • Meeting stiles/Astragal: Surfaced mounted and mortised solutions where pairs of doors meet to prevent air, light and sound from escaping.

ZERO thresholds are available in the following finishes:

A Aluminum mill finish

Aluminum Mill Finish

AA Clear anodized aluminum

Clear Anodized Aluminum Finish

BK Aluminum black anodized

Aluminum Black Anodized

D Aluminum dark bronze anodized

Aluminum Dark Bronze Anodized




G Aluminum gold anodized

Aluminum Gold Anodized

B Bronze, Architectural Mill Finish

Bronze, Architectural Mill Finish

B-ORB Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

A variety of options are available to customize a solution for the specific needs of your application. See cut sheets or catalog for the list of available options by model number.

  • Airflow/sound block (FLO)
    A practical solution for applications requiring air flow while blocking light and sound as much as possible. The design uses sound-damping neoprene or EPDM seals which are notched and overlapped in staggered rows.
  • PSA Pressure-sensitive adhesive
    Our PSA products are constructed using the highest-quality self-adhesives for superior adhesion even when the surface is contaminated with oil. Making them perfect for applications where budget or installation factors favor the use of PSA gasketing.
  • ZAG Ligature-resistant gasketing
    This patented ligature-resistant option prevents unintended usage of the gasketing, including harming oneself or others. When ZAG is specified, the rubber is scored before insertion into the aluminum extrusion. This allows the seal to function as intended, but it will now break apart if removal is attempted or any weight is placed on the seal.
  • Order as a set (S)
    Head & jamb gasketing and adjustable sealing systems can be ordered either as “straightstick” components (order by length) or as a set of three components – two side jambs and a head jamb (order by size of door opening = Width" x Height"). Other perimeter seals are ordered only as “straight-stick.”
  • Security screws (SEC)
    Tamper-resistant Torx security screws. Prevents unauthorized removal in hospitals, schools and public places.


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