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Designed for durability and optimal performance.

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ZERO's unique profiles and versatile shapes deliver the best performance for common sealing challenges.

  • Metal weatherstripping enables specifiers to optimize sealing solutions for a wide range of door and double-hung window applications.
  • Glass door weatherstripping includes solutions for sliding and swinging glass doors.

Thoughtful engineering and design details set ZERO quality and performance apart. Such details include a subtle indentation in the extruded profile of ZERO tear drop seals that enhances the wrap of the rubber for a tighter seal and PSA options that use state of the art self-adhesive for superior performance even on contaminated surfaces.

  • High quality adhesive with strong initial bond and long term holding power even on contaminated surfaces
  • Unique design that enhances the wrap of the rubber for a tighter seal
  • Patented ligature-resistant option prevents unintended usage of the gasketing
  • Anti-microbial material available for infection control
  • Broad application coverage including doors, double hung windows, as well as swinging and sliding glass doors

ZERO weatherstripping solutions meet the highest standards in the industry for reliability and performance. See the catalog for specific certification by model number. They include certifications for:

  • Fire Rating
  • Smoke and Draft Control
  • Air Infiltration
  • Sound

See catalog for dimensions, drawings, available options and certifications for each part number.

  • Self-adhesive weatherstripping: High quality rubber seals with strong PSA adhesive applied for long term holding strength and excellent sealing performance.
  • Kerf frame weatherstripping: Easily inserts into a kerf frame without the need for adhesive or screws. Variety of unique designs to seal any kerf application.
  • PSA Weatherstripping for glass doors: For swinging or sliding glass doors, made with pile or nylon and strong PSA adhesive to keep your entry sealed.

Materials Available

  • S Silicone rubber can handle many applications including those with temperature extremes
  • N Neoprene rubber a versatile material for heavy duty applications
  • FS Intumescent for fire and smoke protection
  • BIO BioWall rubber with anti-microbial inhibitor for infection control
  • R EPDM rubber excellent for outdoor use

ZERO thresholds are available in the following finishes:

BK Black


BR Brown


CL Clear


GY Gray




WH White


B Bronze Architectural Mill Finish

Bronze Architectural Mill Finish

Z Zinc Mill Finish

Zinc Mill Finish

A variety of options are available to customize a solution for the specific needs of your application. See cut sheets or catalog for the list of available options by model number.

  • PSA Pressure-sensitive adhesive
    Our PSA products are constructed using the highest-quality self-adhesives for superior adhesion even when the surface is contaminated with oil. Making them perfect for applications where budget or installation factors favor the use of PSA gasketing.
  • ZAG Ligature-resistant gasketing
    This patented ligature-resistant option prevents unintended usage of the gasketing, including harming oneself or others. When ZAG is specified, the rubber is scored before insertion into the aluminum extrusion. This allows the seal to function as intended, but it will now break apart if removal is attempted or any weight is placed on the seal.
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