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Unlocking efficiencies: How to make keyless entry work for your multifamily property

By Robert Gaulden, director of Allegion multifamily channel strategy


Electronic locks for apartment doors have come along way since they first hit the multifamily market, becoming more convenient for the resident along the way. Great for attracting new renters, but what about your day-to-day?


Good news: With the introduction of mobile credentials with no-tour functionality, we can now unlock streamlined benefits for the multifamily property manager while delivering a great experience to the resident, even in an offline environment. When implemented strategically, these electronic access solutions will help you attract and retain residents while driving down your operating cost, thus increasing your NOI.


In the past, a lot of solutions were copied from either residential or commercial and pasted into multifamily. Now, as the electronic evolution is in full swing in the market, hardware and software are being designed specifically for multifamily properties. The result is smarter, more efficient apartment buildings—and more productive teams to manage them.


For example, smart apartment locks using electronic credentials were presented as a simpler alternative to mechanical keys and rekeying. (See all the ways electronics benefit property managers.) Yet the value of these electronic door locks wasn’t truly experienced by staff until no-tour capabilities were added, eliminating the need to visit every offline lock ahead of a new move-in.


Now, keyless entry is all about the mobile credential


Mobile credentials are even more convenient to multifamily residents than keys or fobs, and they open the door to a new realm of services and amenities. That’s just half of the value—Schlage mobile credentials with no-tour functionality still eliminate the need to tour a property, but now the entire move-in process is contactless. Mobile keys can be emailed to future residents for them to download. No exchanging of keys or fobs, everything can be done virtually. This is more convenient for the residents and frees up your team’s time to focus on other tasks.


Did I mention this is all done with offline locks?


See how simple the process can be when you let your credentials work for you.

Download infographic [PDF]