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Proptech 101: Delivering Convenience with Package Management Technology

Leverage Proptech for seamless package and food delivery


With online shopping becoming more common, residents often consider package delivery management an important amenity. Since the pandemic, managing incoming packages has become a challenge for multifamily property managers and staff. Issues include lack of space, package tracking issues, or shortage of staff to manage the packages.

Some package delivery options include a delivery room, where packages are delivered by couriers to a staffed room where they are accepted and manually sorted, package lockers that can accommodate most package sizes and are accessed with a code, or direct-to-unit delivery.

Property technology, or Proptech, can be a helpful solution to create harmony between your residents, staff and package couriers. By leveraging technology, you can help create a seamless delivery system from courier to resident—without overwhelming staff or delivery areas.


Why is it important?


Time and space are some of the biggest pain points for property managers when it comes to package management. And with 63 percent of millennials receiving 1-2 packages each week, the number of small packages combined with larger items like furniture can quickly consume a package delivery room.

Another challenge to consider is the time spent on package management. You may not have the number of staff required to coordinate letting delivery persons inside gates or lobbies, accepting and sorting deliveries, arranging parcel pickups, and more. Unlike package deliveries, food deliveries are usually perishable or hot and ready to eat, requiring immediate pickup. It may be delivered after staff hours.


Things to consider:

Access control: It’s important to balance convenient delivery experiences for residents without jeopardizing their safety and security. Some solutions provide couriers with a code to enter the delivery room. Another solution may be an intercom system where delivery drivers could contact the front office or residents directly to be let into the building via an integrated app.

Integration: Consider how the delivery service’s functionality complements existing technology, how residents will engage best with it and how it can save time and valuable space.

Monitoring: While the threat of theft is always present, consider a solution that offers monitoring capability to ensure residents’ packages are safe.

Budget: Consider how a streamlined delivery method can add to the total resident experience, draw in higher-paying premium tenants and save staff time to focus on revenue-generating activities.


By combining smart apartment and access control technologies, property owners can spend less time and money managing incoming deliveries while providing a more secure and trackable experience. Ordering online is simple, delivery should be too.

While creating a seamless delivery management system can aid in leasing efforts, this technology is just one of many important functions and considerations when adopting Proptech for your building.

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