Open Platform Solutions

5 reasons campus IDs should be interoperable


Closed, proprietary solutions can lock you into specific applications. Interoperability means more choices in technology, hardware and manufacturers and a more convenient path to adopting new technology as it becomes available.


Uninterrupted experience

The more touch points in a student’s routine that are accessible with the campus card, the smoother the experience becomes. Consolidating public transit access, meal plans, financial transactions, access control and more through a single card or mobile device requires integrations to occur. The possibilities are greater for your campus's credentials when they are built on open technology.



Take control over long-term financial independence. With proprietary technology limiting choices to only a select few vendors, costs are controlled and potentially higher. A wider selection means your team can shop around to find the best solutions at the best cost.



It’s a misconception that open means the technology is unsecure—or less secure than a closed solution—because the data structure and key diversification methodologies are widely known. The structure and diversification might be shared, but the data and secure information remain protected using the same encryption methods as a closed solution


Future proof

The technology your school chooses today can directly impact what it gets in the future. The flexibility of interoperable campus cards helps colleges future-proof their technologies so that updates are easier and less costly to adopt down the road. 


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