S1 Ep. 10 Her Final Words: From a Nightmare, New Hope Blooms 

Published February 2024


“I love u guys.”

These were the last four words Ellen and John-Michael Keyes received from their daughter, Emily Keyes, in a text message on the day she was held hostage and then killed in the Platte Canyon High School shooting.

For victims’ families and friends, this is a real-life nightmare. And for the Keyes, this nightmare was their catalyst in creating a nationwide organization led by those affected by and with an interest in school safety.

John-Michael joined Paul Timm in this episode of The Changing Face of School Security to discuss:

  • The mission of the I Love U Guys Foundation
  • A deep-dive on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and the Standard Reunification Method (SRM)
  • The importance of emotional health in schools, supported by a “Dashboard of Wellness”


Who is John-Michael Keyes?

John-Michael Keyes is the co-founder and executive director of I Love U Guys, a foundation dedicated to school safety, preparedness, reunification, and the joy of youth.

Connect with the guest
Website: https://iloveuguys.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iloveuguys
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/i-love-u-guys/

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