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S1 Ep. 9 Creating a technology roadmap with ResTech

Implementing technology into your multifamily building can be confusing. Where do you start? How will the implementation go? What integrations do I need to make this all work?


On this episode of Solving for Multifamily, Shaun Souers of ResTech discusses how they help their clients navigate these various questions, providing insight on creating and tailoring a technology roadmap to ultimately lead to measurable success.  


Who is ResTech?

The confusion on where and how to start technology integrations can cause major implementation delays. If only there was a guide to lead multifamily asset managers down the path to success... exactly what ResTech helps real estate companies achieve. They become a trusted ally, removing the hindrance of technology integrations with a proven process to understand operation issues, create technology solutions, vet potential partners and deliver end-to-end solutions to efficiently run a multifamily business.


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Shaun Souers, CEO, ResTech, LLC

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