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S1 Ep. 6 Introducing smarter virtual touring for your property with Peek

Imagine if leasing an apartment was the same as the decision to purchase a mattress. We’re not there yet, but virtual apartment tour platforms like Peek are bringing us closer to that reality. Offering a fully immersive 3D virtual touring experience is a win-win for property managers and potential residents. 


During this episode of Solving for Multifamily, Austin Lo from Peek shares that residents who virtually tour apartments are three times more likely to become renters. He also explains how using predictive data for virtual tour interactions can help property managers use their staff more efficiently, offer personalized experiences and centralize leasing. 


We discuss:

  • Can apartment leasing become more like an ecommerce transaction?
  • The value of virtual apartment tours for the multifamily market 
  • How to use the data of apartment 3D virtual tours to improve the leasing experience
  • The importance of brand and trust in the multifamily market


Who is Peek?

Peek’s mission is to empower people with the tools that make it faster, easier and cheaper to find a place to call home. It’s more than a virtual tour platform; its goal is to revolutionize the entire leasing process for multifamily properties. Learn more at


Connect with the guest

Austin Lo, co-founder and CEO


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