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S1 Ep. 7 Sharing knowledge with the Host of Multifamily Matters

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Multifamily Matters, hosted by Paul Marks, you’re missing out.  Paul’s weekly, one hour show is dedicated to topics and issues that focus on multifamily industry operations.  


During this episode of Solving for Multifamily, Paul joins Robert Gaulden to talk about some of the most impactful topics covered on his show and how he has used his platform to help share ideas, operations, and technologies, especially during the pandemic.  We also learn about the genesis of the show and how Paul got into broadcasting.  Finally, Paul leans in on what he believes is the largest issue facing the industry today. 


What is Multifamily Matters?

Multifamily Matters is a weekly, hour-long radio show broadcast on AM – 1070, dedicated to issues and topics important to multifamily owners, multifamily executives, regional managers and on-site staff.

The show is divided into four segments to discuss the topic of the day with an expert power panel of movers and shakers in the multifamily industry.

Listen and learn new and valuable ideas, techniques and advice surrounding multifamily.


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Paul Marks, Host of Multifamily Matters


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