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S1 Ep. 2 Technology to improve maintenance knowledge and efficiency

The CEO and co-founder of Griot, Sean Miller, joined the Solving for Multifamily podcast to talk about a solution that can make multifamily maintenance requests more efficient. 


Miller has witnessed field technicians that serve the multifamily market become overworked and overwhelmed. So much is changing as devices get smarter and buildings become more connected. Adding to challenges, multifamily maintenance teams are often understaffed, which was exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s growing increasingly important to be able to use staff in the most efficient way possible, getting them in and out as quickly as possible. 


Learn more about how Griot is being used to make multifamily maintenance more efficient—a win-win for properties and the residents. Listen to the podcast episode, Technology to improve maintenance knowledge and efficiency.


We discuss:

  • Addressing skill gaps among field technicians today

  • The hob and spoke model for fulfilling apartment maintenance requests

  • The impact of the pandemic on maintenance technicians and how they are evolving 

  • Better communication leads to more efficient service calls


Who is Griot?

The Griot platform is designed to connect field technicians for knowledge sharing, ultimately making maintenance calls more efficient. There are technicians with multiple skill sets, and the platform unites them using an app-based solution. Field technicians tap into the collective knowledge of their teams and resolve issues faster, plus store key information for future maintenance visits. Learn more at griot.co.

 About the guest

Sean Miller, CEO and co-founder of Griot

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