Antimicrobial Surface Technologies

Door hardware and antimicrobial surface technologies

Door hardware is offered with a variety of antimicrobial properties to help improve the cleanliness of frequently touched surfaces, such as entries in public facilities or door locations where regular, scheduled cleaning may be less frequent. 

Antimicrobial copper alloy door hardware

Copper alloy metal applied to lock levers, door pulls and exit device push pads provides one of the most effective permanent antimicrobial surface technologies available. See how these products work and the bacteria they are proven effective against along with a guide of where to use them. 

Silver ion antimicrobial surface technology

The silver ion-based antimicrobial surface technology is considered a microbistat because it inhibits the growth of bacteria that come in contact with it. Available on a wide range of products as a coating, it provides a durable finish protectant along with antimicrobial properties. Learn more about Allegion’s silver ion-based antimicrobial coating and where to apply it.

Anti-microbial table
Bacteria on dry surfaces table