Touchless Access Control

Touchless access control for healthier buildings

If a door gets a high volume of traffic each day, touchless solutions that include automatic operators might be the option for you. Allegion offers door hardware that decreases the number of surfaces pedestrians touch, which can help the spread of germs. 


Touchless openings also help meet ADA requirements

Decoded: Accessibility Requirements for Openings

This video explains the accessibility requirements for door openings.

Is my opening ADA compliant?

Read this article for information on the criteria used to determine whether operable hardware is compliant.


How to make an electrified door touchless

Touchless actuators

If you have an electrified opening with a push-button actuator, you can swap it out for a touchless actuator or reader. Touchless actuators can be operated with the wave of a hand.

Contactless readers

You can pair contactless readers with automatic door operators and touchless actuators to control access. 


How to make a mechanical door touchless

Swinging doors

The most common way to electrify swinging doors for touchless access control is with electromechanical automatic door operators. These operators open the door upon signal from a touchless actuator, hold it open and then release it without a pedestrian touching the door or hardware.

Sliding doors

Automatic sliding door systems, where a quick wave signals the automatic sliding door system to quietly open and close with minimal effort—and without touch. 

Solutions by Application

See some of the key products that make up touchless openings. For assistance with a full solution or specification, contact us.

Automatic Entrance Doors

Automatic entrance doors provide touchless operation to heavy traffic entrances, as well as help meet ADA compliance.

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Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors provide touchless, space saving solutions for many types of openings. 

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Touchless Actuators

When installed in place of push buttons, touchless actuators eliminate the need to make contact with a door. Wave a hand in front of the wall plate, and the technology senses the motion and opens the door.

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A key component in touchless openings, automatic operators open doors electronically upon signal from an actuator, hold it open, then release it. 

Explore touchless access solutions from LCN like automatic operators 

Contactless reader

Readers can be used as part of an access control system to actuate an automatic operator for authorized individuals. Present a valid credential and gain entry without making contact with the reader or door.

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A contactless credential does not require a user to touch the reader; simply present the card near it. 

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