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ACNs are descriptive, unique identifiers that set standards on how to order products and require default, consistent naming conventions for all product attributes across Allegion brands. ACNs reduce noise during order placement, making for easy identification of product configuration choices that impact product attributes and price. Watch an overview video below.

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An ACN is a descriptive unique identifier that sets standards on how to order Allegion products. It requires default, consistent naming conventions for all product attributes across all brands and reduces noise in order placement. It provides easy identification of product configuration choices that impact product price and is a smart number, so it means something rather than a random generated SKU number.


Harmonizing our data with ACNs means doing business with Allegion will be easier for our customers, from order entry to the time you receive an invoice. The data harmonization and common nomenclature components will allow us to provide you with more timely and accurate pricing and product information, while also helping us to establish a common language across all Allegion brands.


The first phase is the quick ship program products, which is about 5,000 products, in April 2019. During the next price increase, ACNs will start being incorporated in the price books in parallel with existing product numbers. Once that initial phase is complete, all other products will be assigned an ACN in a rolling approach. 


No, they are out of scope at this time. 


Multiple rounds of Voice of Customer interviews told us that you want a smart number, not something randomly generated. Additionally, UPCs that exist today are only used by a small percentage of our customers, and they will remain unchanged. ACNs will be more commonly used across the board.


An ACN is a model number plus finish, and it’s unique for every configured product. It is inclusive of a product model number and its attributes, such as finish, latch, arm type, etc., depending on what type of product and options available. 


ACNs will be included for the top ordered items in the price books once the full rollout is complete. The online configurator tool is the most accurate and updated ACN generation. Allegion is working on rolling out the ACN inside the configurator, which can be accessed by adding the app to your launchpad on the 360 Portal.


Every dimension is written in feet and inches. The letters "ft" denote "feet" and if omitted, the dimenstion value is assumed to be inches. Fractions are written with the "/" symbol to separate the numerator and the denominator. For dimensions that contain a whole number and a fraction, a hyphen "-" is added after the whole number and before the fraction. For a completed guide on dimensions with examples, please refer to our ACN Reference Guide.


Webinars will be scheduled that you can register for on the ACN Support Page, or you can email Your sales rep can also help answer questions about the ACN.