Business Development Funds

Utilizing your BDF or Co-Op program can help you grow your Allegion Business through desired distributor activities. 


step 1

Step 1

Submit Pre-Approval

step 1

Step 3

Host activity or event



step 2

Step 2

Receive Pre-Approval #

step 4

Step 4

Submit Claim for Reimbursement



All pre-approvals and claims must be submitted online via the Account Login link above. Paper claims, faxes, and BDF emails are no longer accepted.

All pre-approvals must be submitted and approved prior to completing the activity.

For additional information on how to manage your BDF account, submit pre-approvals, submit claims and more review the “How to” document below.  For technical issues with the online BDF and Co-op sites or questions about the program, please contact 

For information on approved uses of BDF check out the "Guidelines" section below.


How to Submit a Pre-approval or Claim online
Tutorial that walks you through the process of submitting both BDF Pre-approvals and BDF Claims via our on-line site

NEW 2018 Authorized Seller Program Guidelines

NEW 2018 Time & Attendance Co-op Guidelines