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Pure Access Cloud Software

Pure Access Cloud is a fully hosted access control platform designed for low to mid-complexity applications.

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Pure Access Cloud Software provides a complete access control platform allowing for full installation, administration and management of our Schlage and ISONAS IP access control hardware.  The modern user interface establishes a new standard for ease of use in managing a number of access points across any geography through a mobile device, tablet or modern browser.  Pure Access brings new features and functionality to access control that fully leverage the power of our Pure IP hardware solution.

  • Fully Hosted Access Control as a Service Solution (ACaaS)
  • Provides peace of mind, a lower total cost solution that is more secure and accessible than traditional on-premise software deployments
  • Pure Access Cloud is available anytime from anywhere using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop browser that can connect to the internet
  • Simple and modern user interface, the adoption of a material design philosophy has simplified workflows to provide an easy to use system that requires minimal training
  • Customizable dashboards; widgets allow you to customize how you monitor your system in real time
  • Responsive design provides a fully interactive monitoring capability from your mobile device, tablet or modern browser
  • Set up and configure your access points in a matter of minutes, reducing overall installation time and costs
  • The step by step access point check out process allows you to test the IP configuration and connectivity, the lock wiring and other accessories all from your mobile device

Pure Access Cloud provides secure end to end communication by using industry recognized best practices and encryption schemes to secure our cloud infrastructure as well as securing communication and sensitive information. Pure Access Cloud relies on microservice architecture best practices to provide scalability, redundancy, and high availability across the network.

High availability

  • Hosted by Amazon Web Services
  • Guaranteed uptime 99.95%
  • Multiple availability zones for redundancy
  • Proactive 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting allow us to identify potential issues and hot spots before you do


  • All sensitive application configuration and user information is encrypted and securely stored within the application infrastructure
  • A Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) is utilized to drive security into the product during development


Please reference the Pure Access Cloud Data Sheet for compatible ISONAS hardware and credentials or the Pure Access Cloud Data Sheet for compatible Schlage hardware and credentials.

Phone and Email Contacts

Phone: 1-800-581-0083

Sales: Isonas.Sales@allegion.com

Orders: Isonas.Orders@allegion.com

Tech Support: Isonas.TechProdSupport@allegion.com

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